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Rod of Iron


Why the world is in the confusion its in now – simple answer the word has rejected YHWH’s Yuhchid -son…so if you have ejected the truth of light and your breath of life..what do you expect the earth to birth out a false mashiah. Therefore the rage  and the emptiness witness against those who are not in order with Torah. And the reason behind this is the evil that  has been carry out against good where men call good evil and this is a very dangerous place to to be. In the mean time this  is in operation flesh hasn’t   think that another has seen them and this another is above reproof – he can’t be corrected by the world system -so he looks down from the shamayim and laugh because of the foolish plots and ideas they allow the mind to came up with. So YHWH speaks in his wrath and let earth understand he is set the course of nations by placing mount Tsiyon on  qodesh  grounds and what he has place no human system can’ not  removed it. His Yuhchid came to gather the missing pieces of the puzzle and make them echad – in doing this he received the gentiles has an inheritance and the ends of the earth his possession.


I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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