1 Shemu;el Chapter 1

Now this chapter opens with three people which leads to a hidden navi !! who no one knows nor think about, Now today when I read this scripture the ruach ha qodesh open my eyes which i haven’t seen before. He shows me where every one talks about these two women Peninnah and Hannah , there were always place as thee two who cause the problem but he said no one talks about the ish and why? he begin to shows where Elqanah knows the command yet fail to comply with what was said, so he broke the law by having these two wives whereas Yahuwaw declare in the Torah a man to one wife. Therefore breaking that one law means he broke all and in so doing he created a system which was not healthy but it brings fights and strive among the body and this leads to the kohen ha gadol Eli who didn’t know anything but accuse this very woman for being drunk and the husband of these two women is seen righteous.

But what I like about Hannah ‘s posture is that she knows what and who she believed in and she refuse to allow the flesh to stop her establishment  instead she spoke within and that within is a powerful key for us as believers, we need to know and stand very firm on the word. Yes of course the enemy try to stop up our wells so we wont get to the flow , isn’t this what he did in Yitshak {Issac} time!!! scripture said the Pelishtites had stopped up all the wells which his father’s servants had dug in the days of Abraham his father, and filled them with dirt [ see Bereshith chp 26:15 {Genesis} ]. but we also see even though the wells were stopped up Yitshak came out with victory and so with Hannah she brings forts something which is a seed that Elohim had wanted and that’s a navi [prophet]. I beg you guys never give up on whats yours because giving up is to your downfall whereas giving up is  ha satan’s world.

What this scripture shows when sin is committed and teshuvah  {repentance} is not made that person goes ten step back which falls into destruction  and what this means it cause so much damage that it no longer exists and it brings to a place thats  beyond repaired.

2 thoughts on “Elkanah

  1. I did read the account of this husband Elqanah that have two wives, one in the home very sad broken with no children, the other one very happy with children and the husband is the person sounds like ., Everything is very good, this not what Abba calls good.thanks Trish for helping me to understand Abba’s Word.


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