Hebrew Language

*I had to jump in here to send this important message across to everyone. First of all somethings has to be put in order and in place. Let us discuss the order*


*The scripture shows where the father arrange how things should go and when he is finished he laid it out for us. Going back in creation, we see when YHWH was getting ready to present the format  and mandate for earth he uses the infrastructure to physically organize the way the facilities should look in his sight. He did that by structuring it properly in the laying of the foundation. This was done so to have the feet of human to walk the straight and narrow path.

Before you can talk about giving rules, you first have to lay those rules down..by saying what is expected. It is impossible to gain followers without a system put in place. The makeup of everything is done by coordinating source and then have them in a way so it can be accessible. Just before the world was created – the father recognise he had to adjust somethings by preparing ground. The book of Bereshith Genesis chapter one it opens with the Father setting the limits…the scripture said and I quote:

In the beginning Elohim created the Shamayim and the earth (**Earth in Hebrew is Adamah** אדמה) which very well can connect Adam with the hebrew word because scripture specifically says out from the dust created man. now continuing verse two – And the **adamah** (earth) came to be formless and empty, and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Ruah of Elohim was moving on the face of the waters.

This is the best I could have found on the web. I wanted to show a picture simular to what am writing about but I can’t find anything….so this is the closest.


the words formless and empty let me mention here what the hebrew said…quote: Tohu Wa Bohu, or Tohu Va Vohu תֹ֙הוּ֙ וָבֹ֔ה which translates this as follows:

|:Formlessness   |:Confusion   |:Unreality   |:Empty Space   |:Desolation   |:Futile   |:meaningless   |:Chaos   |:Waste Place|

Now this verse deals with two things that vital to man so to understand why are they required  to speak and use the Hebrew language. These two things is listed below:

  1. **Form**of the earth – which shows the appearance how the theme looks…that baiscally saying it has no shape and there is something missing within the scoop – so it will be twisted and not straight which gives a void status.
  2. **Function** of the earth – this speaks of the way it operates….being |:*barren*   |:*Waste*   |:*Void*    |:*Empty*| – and these are the two vital layers we has believers should carry. Our body is that catalyst to house divine downloads…so if we submit to true authority then He will drive out the false concepts that’s floating within our bodies


  1. **Tohu** is taking mankind to |:Desolation   |:Hopelessness   |:Nest of Confusion   |:Idleness   |:Listless   |:Vague   |:Useless   |:Impotent   |:Lethargic|
  2. **Bohu** Is directing mankind to |:Vacuum   |:Vacuity   |:Lack   |:Vacancy   |:Void   |:Empty Space   |:Hole   |:Arguments   |:hollowness|
  3. **Darkness** that’s on the face of the adamah (earth) was not speaking of physical darkness…this was satanic powers who was in operation and therefore the hebrew letter that was use in font of the sentence was Bēt ב  which tells something very important was in the backgrounds at the verge of creation and the father could not leave it alone..so he dealt with it.
  4. *Ruah of Elohim was moving on the face of the waters   Now this explain the reason that it was not physically but the dark being was  at its full ledger

Now that I have finished laying the foundation…I want to add my point here. Many people are having problem with the Hebrew language…the church do not want to hear this because they have not prepared to accommodate the truth. You may asked what is truth for a debate but really what I found out of late people asked such question because they have no intention of obeying to instructions. Today the churches has put the first covenant done by calling it the old testament and jesus did it all. which this is a lie from the pit of hell.

Another thing is people gets so accustom with these translations that when the hebrew is taught they have no hearing for it.  All of you out there who don’t think that we have to return back to the hebrew root is fooling yourselves. The father is expecting us to learn the language of the scripture so we can understand what he said.

When we learn the Hebrew then it moves us from being  chaotic to a place of composure…where we can rest assure that everything is put in its rightful place and order.