Set the Order

The Generations of Aharon and Mosheh

BEMIDBAR Chapter 3

When Eloah spoke to Mosheh on mount Sinai all of Aharon’s children were taken in to the survey. What I gather from this before the fall everything was map out thoroughly so to avoid excuses. All the sons of Aharon was counted in even though the father knows what will take place later down. the proof shows that if we needed Elohim support…we need to bring our all on the altar for total observation. Only him knows what will remain from what  will be removed.  The scripture explain due to the strange fire that Nadab and Abihu brought this cause their death..on my take personally I believe when you do come to the domain of YHWH and your walk is double standard it terminates everything . In this case we see that El’azer and Ithamar takes the position of leadership in the second department. Mankind always feel that they are above correction therefore they do as they please and here is where this behavior shows that the do as you please business brings to a demise. ( s,v,1-4)

Bring the tribe of Lewi 

Mosheh again was instructed to bring the tribe of Lewi near and place them before Aharon the Kohen and they will serve him…here YHWH is setting up his estate of ministry on earth so man can have a free flow of worship. Now they were required to guard his duty and congregation before the tent of appointment to do the service of the Mishkan….they also guarding the furnishings of the Mishkan and overseeing the children of Yisra’el.. Now the Lweites were given to Aharon and his sons as a gift – from my opinion the father appointed friends that are suitors to the ministry. With this match from Elohim I believe that the enemy can not easily invade the land because we have prayer links around the ministry day and night. Now here is where we go wrong…and I see it happen so many ministries but I don’t think they knew fully what is happening. From the time the ministry is expanded we begin to call on sister strawberry to come and lead the Choir, brother eddoes to take care of the night services etc…and the list rises but in the mean time we do not know if those persons that flesh appointed has the anointing for that specific ministry so all will happen is that you find things are going mostly on the broad side. Before you guys invite anyone you need to be in prayer and ask the father who. DO NOT TAKE IT ON YOURSELVES TO CHOOSE. What did Yahshua said you didn’t choose but he did..allow him in every way. ( s, v. 5-9 )

Kehunnah ( Priesthood )

This position was given to Aharon and his sons…they duty was to guard it and have no stranger come near less they died. ( s . v . 10 ) This is a legitimate  law stands forever..we see Qorah in a later chapter 16 he tried to get near the Kehunnah and he was put to death,

firstborn belong to YHWH

The father pulls the Lewites from among the children of Yisra;el and deem them as his instead of the firstborn who open the womb. He also claim the ones he had taken in Shemoth 13 –  as long something enter once it is deem as elohim  ( s . v. 11-13) – there’s no exchange..see also what Wayyiqra chapter 27 verse ten said about it.

Registered the Lewities 

By their fathers houses and by their clans…take the male from a month old and above. They were three branches :

  1. Gereshon
  2. Qehath
  3. Merari

Each branch develop the structure and foundation of ministry. the total = 7,500 ( s . v . 14-22)

Gereshonites =7,500

These clans were allocated on the Westward of the Camp behind the Mishkan. They duty as follows: (s . v . 23-26)

  • Take care of the Mishkan and the Tent with its covering — speak to your body it must co-operate with scripture.
  • Covering of the door of the Tent of Appointment — speak less and make sure you thing before you do reveal any word
  • Screens of the courtyard — your social life show be in order with scripture
  • Covering of the door of the courtyard  which is around the Mishkan — Your dress code should be very modest
  • The Altar and their cords according to all its service —  Your mind should be taking instruction from what your heart is saying

Qehathites = 8,600

These clans were allocated on the South side of Mishkan. They duty as follows: (s . v . 27-32)

  • The Ark -— speaks of the entire human heart chambers
  • The Table — this stands for the human spirit..where you will have to be born above
  • The Lampstand — refer to the human we study the word the ruach downloads the revelation and this interns radiates 
  • The Altars — riding back up to the heart as the blood flows through the body it send the message across.
  • The Utensils of the Qodesh place used in the services — our bodies are the vessels being used
  • Covering and all its services — our flesh is to be put on the fire…the skin is burn up

Merari = 6,200

These clans were allocated of the North side of the Mishkan. They duty as follows: ( s . v. 33-37)

  • Boards of the Mishkan — represent your problems
  • Bars -— Boundary line which divides you from darkness
  • Columns — Longing for the DNA of the truth to be come your guide
  • Sockets — your steadfastness in Elohim..your grounds will be firm
  • Utensils — of your ways and conduct
  • Columns of the courtyard all around — submitting totally to YHWH
  • With their sockets — rechecking our lives on a continual manner
  • Pegs — speaks of mans securities in YHWH – because the Hebrew letter    waw Waw =6  – It stand for Tent Peg;  A Nail or Hook; To add something or to secure a thing; The number of man (in the physical); Happens more than any other of (letter)…as a connector that means and or jointed to.
  • Cords — this is what hold us together – washing in the word.

  Mosheh – Aharon

They and sons were allocated on the East side right before the Tent of Appointment. They were guarding the duty of the Miqdash – (inner sanctuary) and the duty of the children of Yisra’el but again no stranger were not allow near here less they died (s.v.38)

LEWITIES ACCOUNT (s.v.39,41,45

The total registration for the Lewities = 22,000 

Lewiities were taken for YHWH instead of the firstborn among the children of Yisra’el – Livestock of the Lewities instead from among Yisra’el

CHILDREN OF YISRA’EL (s.v.40,42,43 

The total registration for Yisra’el = 22,273

Ransom from my understanding are surplus meaning over – so all overs has to pay a ransom to maintain it and keep it away from harm. 5 sheqel is taken from the overs 273 =1,365 ( s.v.46-47)

Excess is handed to Aharon and his sons the 1,365 –

this is to maintain the lives. (s.v.48-51)

End of Chapter 3