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Guard the Mitzvot


MITZVOT is a hebrew word you commonly will call commandment – just want to make this clear to my readers.

Paying full attention to what is being said – love and accepting discipline that the father hand out to his children – this means that our minds are ambiguous  to the voice of our father. Whatever he say we are open to comply – this also shows us the how we are to do it and this is being done through understanding. Remember what the previous chapter 3:20 that YHWH establish the shamayim by understanding. The key phrase is to get understanding – when accomplish this task it supports our nephesh soul…we are letting our soul knows that shamayim will be our dwelling place forever. being under the stand  means having to maintain an upright position supported by one’s feet (un – means it either gives the negative or opposite to what is to be done at the time) whereas (der – extending or directing) so having combining the two together builds a proper foundation for one’s feet to stand on. The heart has its own mind to act and thing about something before it goes into task…now the blood pumps from the heart travel thru the body and this is the blood that cleanses  to give life. My take on this the father isn’t speaking to the mind of the brain but straight to the heart. So we have no choice here but to grab hold  to both the  founder and the establisher – he place a crown on our heads by fixing our brain to adhere to the heart and stop taking instructions from our heads. The brain eats the bread of wickedness which ends in violence because at this point when flesh gets heated it listens to no one. We have to know the word is the healer for our flesh.