Census (A) Death & Obtain

Different type of Census….the protection from death

This happen before all first born died in <Mitsrayim>…The father pull his children out from among the baggage and sealed them with his cloak of protection by claiming them. When someone disown you the enemy comes and kill you. 

Opening with Shemoth chapter 13:1 tru 2.…this speak about the father saying to Mosheh he’s to Qadosh to him all first born. Including what open the womb among the children of Yisra’el; among man; and among beast – they all belong to YWHW

Knowing those in your camp…Acceptance 

I call it acceptance because from my understanding Mosheh was told by YHWH to register all the children of Yisra’el..and the requirement that tags to it was each person is to give an atonement for his life to YHWH so no Plague will ever come to they homes. In other words all who serve Eloah are to be accountable for by giving half a Sheqel according to the Sheqel  of the Qodesh place….twenty gerahs being a sheqel – half of it is given into your service. Every person passing over from twenty and up are liable to this task and the rich isn’t to give more neither the poor less…there’s no competition with YHWH’s assignments..we all serve at the same table sharing the same father and gifts…so people who like to own the gifts….I will say it like my Spiritual father ( I call him my spiritual father of today – because he teaches me the word from Youtube…..his name is ALLAN HORVATH)….he says it  like this no my friends – you wants to own it but nobody owns anything….I know Nothing….go check him out Watch Alan

Now watch this!! the atonement is to be given for the service of the Tent of Appointment  this will always be to the children of Yisra’el  for a remembrance portion to YHWH making atonement for one’s self. ( SHEMOTH 30 : 12-16)