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we love to be in abba presencen

Its time for us to buried the Orchard hatchet

What I mean by that many people are still holding grudges for each other when the scripture tells us if we die in Jesus every old ways are buried with in him ,

So when the father raises him up that day all who died to sins was elevated and set free

When walking on petals of roses it set our life on the mark

The father told us to make ourselves available for his word to dwell within us with praise and thanksgiving

hatchet – this is a tool that is use to remove things …now this is what Scripture is to us when we apply them.

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Getting Wisdom ~ Mishley 1

Wisdom cry out to those who are lacking the truth to humanity nephesh. She is our friend…but the flesh won’t allow us to draw her near. So in order to received her into our home we much first discipline the flesh and let that low life knows its place. Flesh rules when we are still on the outside but when we comes in and get to the bronze altar meaning start walking through repentance…here is where we give our nephesh to gain access to the truth. And flesh automatically takes the order of the rule…to take orders means to go under the stand of the word and take it by force. in other words what am saying taking things by force..we have to allow our heart to speak and send that message to the brain saying you no longer living in sin you are coming out to go into the light and this light is the understanding of YHWH’s word which is his ben. Yuhshua is our salvation and rock therefore he will never fail in coming to our recuse. Shelomoh of all person knows what he said in this word of Proverbs chapter 1..because before he became king the hassle that was standing before him and the throne was not no ordinary matter – it was a matter had to be dealt with thru wisdom. My friends not having prudence living on the inside of a person can take them to a place of no return. I am aware of most people don’t believe a place like this exist but hell is real and it has an address for those who don’t know…as long anything is in existence means it has an address…I don’t think we should learn the address of this place but we should all learn the address of eternal hai. We can learn this thru the reading of our father’s word. Shelomoh is planting a seed in each and everyone of us hearts that we should all take the narrow road and not the broad way…what did Yuhshua said in the book of Matthithyahu 7:13-14 – Enter in through the narrow gate! Because the gate is wide – and the way is broad – that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. Because the gate is narrow and the way is hard pressed which leads to hai, and there are few who find it.


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A Synagogue is a house of prayer!!! Now the Soul – the Spirit is locked into the body structure which carry a chamber called the heart and in there is where the inner of Holies  located.

The Holy of Holies is a place in the hebrew scripture which refers to the inner sanctuary of the Tabernacle where Eloah dwelt. The ark was contained the Torah which was given by YHWH himself to Mosheh on mount Sinai