Standing back into the your zone of situations – sometimes pushes to destruction or it may deliver you from that zone of distress to another zone call comfort. Now this depends on what side of the road are you standing on. using this tool call for the spirit of discernment and if you lack the gift of discernment then you will be push to do anything when it is not the time to act.

Acting out in range is forbidden . range takes you no where but to darkness and shame. when a problem arises make sure that you are calm enough before speaking. I found out in my days of struggles that speaking or moving in anger create the problem to become so difficult that it gets harder and more intense for that person to ever come out.

The book of Ya’aqob – James said

let every man be swift to hear means you much catch and gabble at the opportunity immediatelly without procrastination…no delay flesh is king in doing this allowing the body to slow down when it is supposed to move in position and be like and eagle    

Can you see how this eagle grips with his claw and hold it very closed to him…also he soar very high

Slow to speak – this indicates we have to chew on what we heard and stop the rush..pay attention to what was said carefully by blocking out all nose so you can hear…the first stage is to bend our ears with an open opinion and have no double standard ways.


First of all I want to point this out to my readers! did see how this buffalo takes its seat and position its head with his eyes set to entertain the reflect thoughts…now this is we should be get into a comfortable position after we finish reading the word…then we will begin to chew our cud a second time.   Slow to wrath comes after we finished reading the scripture and now getting ready to digest it.