Breaking Sin

Sin is a separation between YHWH and man,,,even Yeshayahu  59 mention it and this right here is a good place to start….like some people included myself…I remember asking the father how do I begin to ask forgiveness to be edible to received a ransom. And he said to me!! a good place is where you are right now and I said…look am in too much sin so how can a sinner begin to talk to the father when his mandate declare  in the Brit Hadashah that he does not hear sinners. While remaining in that state of thought my spirit begin like talking back to me – I called that interceding on behalf of my nephesh by saying these words…if you fully confess your sins he will hear you and i jump right in telling him all that I have done as though he had not know. I did what Yohanan 9 indicates – if anyone reveres Elohim and does his desire, he hears him….. now isn’t this  what YUHSHUA is saying your belief and your action must work together of course it is. We just can’t get one and don’t gabble hold to the other it won’t work….you will always be in balance. And the Torah carefully instructed us that we are not allow to be wearing both wool and linen together….it also tells us not to plough with an ox and a donkey together – it is required for us to have a balance weight. Not having the same measure  in your bag proves that you are not to be trusted and this is why we are called to break down the sin in our lives that had been hindering us from flowing. Getting sin out isn’t a easy task because you got to remember who are the ring leader and master for sin…ha satan and no way he wants change for anyone…so it means you must work harder if your intention is to stayed away from this dark path. You see the Torah though us that we can master it by the words YHWH use when he spoke to is it- and he said to Qayin, why are you wroth? And why is your face fallen? If you do well, is there not acceptance? and if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should master it. Therefore the father knows that we can prevent things from happening but just we allow the flesh to take us over and then say sorry. We see right up front in Bereshith before Qayin killed his brother Hebel – the father had spoken to him to prevent what happen but no Qayin listen to his fleshly self and do whatever. Going to my text  in Yeshayahu 59 let me show you from the scripture perspective what is said…..Look the hand of YHWH has not become too short to save, nor his ear to heavy to hear. But your wickedness have separated you from your Elohim. And your sins have hidden his face from you, from hearing. The scripture here is saying that man is responsible for his or her own actions…and because man has fail to carry out the written code or order the fall in the garden occurs. Look for instance with the Kohen “ELI” did YHWH sent a messenger in his day to warm him? And what did he do with that warming!!! did he not trample the word that came to him by not taking heed to what the father said? The analogy am making here is to prove to you that when you fail to carry out the assignment that is on your life it brings death and destruction to your house because this is what happen here with the house of Eli…..his descendant comes through the lineage of Ithamar and because the way Eli handle it the word was to him the days are coming when the arm and arm of your fathers house shall be cut off….so that an old man shall not be in your house and both your sons shall died and this word was fulfill in second shemu’el chapter  twenty – two when the city of Nob was destroy under the hand of King Sha’ul . You see the arm in hebrew means strength – therefore when YHWH said he will cut off not only Eli’s house but his fathers as well – it shows that the power of this house has been annihilated by divine authority