Census (B) Army

After the nation of Yisra’el came out…..Delivered – Army

Army Census 


When Yisra’el was out from they place of bondage…they came to the wilderness and remained there for two years. during they stay of two years YHWH spoke and this was on the first day of the second month. He give the leader of the camp this instruction…he said to have the congregation be accounted for by their (Clans, by the their fathers house) According to the number of names, every male head by head from twenty years old and above..everyone going out to the army…number them by their divisions.

When the census is taken a witness from each department must be present to verify this transaction. s.v.1-45.

Now verse 46 of this chapter give the grand total = 603,550 …the point am making everything has a bottom line please don’t fool yourselves. I want to include here two things

  1. Yoseph two sons Ephrayim and Menashsheh were included within the list…go to war – they were the ones who stood in the gap of the tribe Liwi
  2. But the Lewites were exempt from  physical attachment