Census (C)1

Enter the service to do the work in the Tent of Appointment

Sons of Qehath – Chapter 4:1-16

All who are allocated was from thirty and fifty years of age….which reminds me about Yosepth and Yahshua started out at age thirty. What is the meaning for the #30 from the hebrew perspective…now according to the Pictographic meaning shepherd’s hook/staff, teaching, learning, goading, protection, yoke, bind. Infinitive prefix for verbs, meaning to or for or belonging to. Check this link below for more information on the letter {Lamed =30)

Grace in Torah

The most Qodesh matters was given to the sons of this tribe to take charge of in the tent of appointment…

  • ´at the breaking of camp the kohen and his sons will come have the veil taken down and cover the ark of the witness with it
  • Cover with fine leather spread with blue wrapper and insert its poles
  • Cover the Ark
    This Ark was covered in blue wrapper

    Table of showbread spread blue wrapper

    This the table with the twelve loafs every shabbat

    The        Manorah          and the Altar of incense is in this picture..you can see the kohen is tending to it   

    Here in the second dimension the Kohen….Aharon assistant will tend the lamps…did you see behind you!!! which am about to go next the Altar of Incense

                               Manorah  —–

  • Removing of the ashes and spread a purple wrapper…all its utensils are included 
    Kohen has the shovel to remove the ashes

    When Aharon and sons finished the covering of the Qodesh objects with its furnishings then at the breaking..they are to hand over to the sons of Qehath…but they can not touch it less they die…so they have to lift them…meaning to shoulder it. Isn’t this what Yahshua is to us!!! He carries all our burdens. The Kohenim duties were a symbol to what Yahshua is…all that you see them doing are the exact to our Yahshua.

    • El’azer were over the ministry…Oil for the light…speaks of the gifts of the anointing; Sweet Incense = our growth the fruits that our lives produce;  Daily Grain Offering = fresh revelation flowing through us;  Anointing Oil = our calling from the father; Oversight of the Mishkan = our entire life history is in corperated;  Qodesh Place & Furnishings = our social activities. The point am making here despite how high in ministry you may be someone in authority must stand between you and Eloah and that person is the leader who the father place over the ministry…no one is they own leader you are responsible to someone. Take for instance of savior he led by example…even though he was on earth he took every directive word from his father…and he point us to the father.­ ­