No voice of Authority

This is what the father said after he  finish laying down the required laws for man. Bearing in mind flesh always fights truth therefore to prevent his name from dragging through the mud like  pigs laws had to be put in place. and these laws are the very ones that is hard for man to live by but if the system choose to walk away from the truth there’s is nothing left than to set up barrriers . This chapter tells you a lot but I just want to zero in on the specific verse.

When I have cut off your supply of bread, ten women shall bake your bread in one oven. And they shall bring back to you your bread by weight, and you shall eat and not be satisfied.


Am going to tear this word apart by dissecting the different topics in this verse. I can only do this through the support of the Ruach Ha’ Qodesh. This word had been on my mind the from time I read it therefore I just want to share some of the revelation received..

  •  Cutting off the supply of bread – This means your establishment which the father had given to you…due to your rebellious life style it has been taken away.  Let me jump in here and share  a bit on my personal… I was on the road  of rebellion for many years when suddenly the father pick me up from that rebellious state but before Abba picks me up I begin to loose my assets and there is when my sense kick in after loosing my business. Even though things was looking bad on my end yet this is what I tell myself well such is life and things will pick back up but it never did. What happen it brings me to a place that I couldn’t pay my rent and I found myself  in beggars fold. This is no good place to be..with the enemy  out there trying to dig at you by sending his evil arrows at you. Now maggots become my room mate and this is as worse it can get…because you  you know these creatures eats everything – they leave nothing on done..they go at every corner and eats you to dust…when they are finished you left for whatever comes. I call my trials maggots because at that time when the problems rises to the surface stop until my spirit said yes Lord am going to serve you obediently. Anyone comes to my home all I had to offer them is a glass of cold water and was because I had no money to buy myself food to eat. Another case is when I swipe my card and the machine says am sorry not sufficient funds – here is where it hit me and I asked myself this one question what will become of me !!! you see I heard people talk about falling into situations like what am here writing about but me myself have never undergo it. Not forgetting I was helping people who were in this valley but when things turn around and coin so happen to fall on me no one was there. Oh sure did had the so call ones but by then they were all talking my I walked a lonely road.
  • Ten women baking bread in one oven – Oh this right here is confusion. it comes with disrespect and humiliation and all your wish and hope is that you were never around. When you allow the world to know your downfall by taking handouts – which in your pass life you have never participated in is dangerous – lapping with dogs, eating with the pigs are all the devil tools and instruments – and he said yes I got them.
  • Bringing to you your bread by weight – This is  mockery in the highest degree where your own asset has become the owner of someone else property and in tern supports you with what was yours. I don’t think it has anything out there  irks you the way like having to loose your assets to another. Especially when they are not your equal but due to your dilemma you had no voice of authority to take matters back. This spirit is what the devil uses to break mankind apart…he would allow your things to be taken into a care that are not valuable and  allows your eyes to witness this evil act…in the mean time you are seeing these evil action operating right before you and being tore apart from on the inside. I call it the cruel zone.
  • Eating but not satisfied – my take on this how can someone be satisfied when they witness personally that all of their assets has taken and now someone that of no class is the possessor of the property. At this stage your veins are bursting with vexation and anger and this is one of the main to the devil’s kingdom..many don’t know this statement I just make. But in order for a person to walked the devil’s way it means the individual has been trap in the web of anger..what am I saying !!! deep hatred causes you to rebel  against the truth and make you one  of ah Satan’s servant.

The point am making when Sha;ul (Paul) spoke about it..which I will quote all that he said. Check below

And after belief has come, we are no longer under a trainer

— Galatiyim ( Galatians ) 3:25

Okay what do you think Paul means by that… [ am thinking like you it can only mean the  old testament  and am saying no its not because there is no old nor new in the Hebrew it stands for the first covenant and  the renewed covenant which you call new testament. Most of you believe Christ death on the cross fulfill the law to the point where it wiped the truth away from minds of people so whenever they are in conversation they will refer certain things in scriptures as being Jewish and only the Jews are required  to observed  and they add their own ideologies to accommodate they belief system. In this system you find people blessing pig which Torah law forbidden and change the day of worship from Shabbath  ] but have close and open bracket again [ to tell you the enemy has just let you in to believe another of his lies….who are you serving here God or the devil? close with bracket ]. Let me mention the others here in the book of Romiyim. Allow me here to list these scriptures it is nice to the fleshly hearing when they read in to what they think God is saying..and I m saying you are walking on dangerous grounds for believing such garbage. Because you have been ignorant of Torah laws vs the fleshly laws all is written in scripture and you can not tell the two from each other. Okay hold on: read here with me guys check below:-

For sin shall not rule over you, for you are not under the law but under favor.

— Romiyim 6:14


But now we have been released from the Torah, having died to what we were held by. So that we should serve in newness of the Ruah and not the oldness of letter.

— Romiyim 7:6

Now first of all if we really read what these chapters were talking about,, we will never get the understanding that Paul is saying Shabbat is replace with Sunday…and Jesus Christ came to do away with the old and now  bring the new. We need  to stop believing such rubbish and hectic teachings…the scripture is inspired by the Ruach Ha Qodesh..and my concern here how can God divine ruah brings divison where one is for Paul; one Apollos; or one for Kepha, or one for Mashiah…see reference in 1 Qorin’tiyim 1:12. Paul asked the question in the following verse has ha’Mashiah been devided? was Sha’ul impaled for you? or were you immerse in the name of Sha’ul? (s.v.13) very good question and with this I closed my argument and case because Torah does not mean law as you guys understand it to means teachings and if you are right with your belief that Christ do away with Torah then what will be in place to guide and teach us…my silly little statement how can a man give away his tool which he needs to work with..if he do so it simply means that his employer will fire him because the company would not pay him for doing nought = nothing. Can  you see now my point? Hello is anyone listening!!! all what the church has thought in connection with this topic is a bunch of lies and hypocrisy. If you continue to indulge yourself with these things it will lead you to the dark. Come out now while you can. Yahshua  said  work while it is day because the night cometh when you will  not be able to do so.

In our text in Wayyiqra chapter 26 do list the fleshly laws…and for your information this is what Paul meant when he mention about you are no longer under the fleshly laws now that you have come to know the truth.