Yovelim 44

Fear can prevent you from entering your destiny. If you are not careful and take these fears to the right place you can died without reaching to your great future don’t be afraid of it and don’t take it light both are deadly. let me explain if you are fearful of your dreams which you know within yourself that this is your goal go for it by taking the opportunity  fear hinders many from stepping into their dreams and this action prevent them from setting their eyes on what was lost on the other hand if you take it lightly by saying its a easy walk over but never put it under the ban then that thing knows the very place where to hit on flesh and by the time  it is recognisable it may be too late.

Just bear in mind that flesh house fear so you as a believer if you don’t know how to handle it stay away. what it does it give you misleading information. while you are working on that fleshly info the enemy  on the other hand is undermining your plans.so avoid taking the fleshly eyes to sleep..my advise.

Having said this Ya’acob was going to see his son Yoseph but fear grip him at the place of oath. Lets see how did he turn fear around. the book of Yovel jubilee chapter 44 mention where he takes a seven days closure with Eloah and waited on him and his wait was not done in vain because the father answered  directing him to take that same journey without fear. The act allow his eyes to see the future. Yoceph stands as the  Mashiach and Ya’acob knows that mashiach will come in the future end to atone for mans life. Hear me..he left that place of fear on the 16 of the third month which is a preview of mashiach when he will be ascended back to the father and leave the ruach ha’qodesh to dwell with man while being away for sometime.

The harvest that Ya’acob celebrate for those seven days at the place of oath points directly to the seven days of plenty and famine. This happen in order to fulfill what the prophets proclaim about the mashiach coming to the earth and he only comes when the vultures takes their place….this ties in the great tribulation There so much revelation flowing right now that I need to get my note pad near to write these messages down and get them out to my brothers and sisters. The devil out there flooding your brain with a lie that there’s another way and the bible is not right, stop listening to that garage my friends and believe in the scripture, your life is already map out for you. You see his plan is if he can get you to believe a lie then you miss out from your future state. ha satan don’t know your future but he can try to stop your way and don’t give him a foothold. don’t mess up with your salvation keep working it not by your personal effort but by your understanding of the word. your true devotion to Elohim drives the enemy away from your domain.