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The Downcast


This Tehilah Psalms for those of you who don’t know the Hebrew. I can relate this with my physical life. From the picture I post speaks for itself because when am down my face goes into a trance stare that sometimes even though people maybe speaking I m not hearing. I remember am on my way to work and the problem was so overwhelming that my body was walking into this huge truck that all I heard was the breaks and when I look  I right in the middle of the road how I got there can’t tell you. In those moment our hearts not thinking but if we have a before relationship with Abba father he comes out without we knowing it and then he alerts us hey I just protected you today . I personally believe this is what happen to Dawid in this chapter…having to deal with his own son who came out from his loins that was pretty hard..let no one tells you oh that’s nothing…its very hurting to know you are being  treated that way from your own Oh cases like these you have no tears – your tears gland seem to be seized up and you trying so hard to bring something that’s not even there. This is our best time to fall before the throne and just tell him your all he’s not going to operate like man who use you as a blank cheque and write you as they feel on that day…somebody told me once that am so full with many problems in my life that they don’t see me getting out anytime soon – so they categorise me as being a blank cheque and am to be writen for whatever is suited. 

But what encourges me is this!!! Dawid knew within himself YHWH is alive and loving therefore he will never forsakes him for nothing – so he kept with the postive and move towards his protection…sometimes in life we have to raise up and speak out because nobody will do this for you. What I can tell will have those who will tear you apart – because I found out in my season of struggle you have no friends but foe and if you don’t watch it depends what the situation is – they will rape you just to put you down in the eyes of the world am a subject of this …there were men who wanted to do that with me because of what they know and they said to themsevele she won’t say no after all look at the many promlems facing her and she will be please to comply but I think they were shock when I turn they egos down. To be honest with you I really didn’t know where I gotten that strength from but I use it anyway. I won’t say here at that time I was praying no fokes I wasn’t because I was so bitter to activate the prayer room – but I do believe it was my mum’s prayer reached out to me and today am here writing this to those who think life is over for them due to something that happen in they childhood.

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Heart Alarm System


Children are not suppose to forget the teaches that our father pass down to us in a legacy – our progenitor lay down all the tools and rules that we are to carry out. Laws are set by the fathers thru divine visions – on the mountain YHWH met with Mosheh and give him the guidelines for our life. in other words what the scripture is saying we are to use the mind of our hearts to apply his word and we are to setup watchtower so we can see. Our days on the earth shall be longer with peace added because of obedience.Let not kindness and truth forsake you – bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. when you trust YHWH with your heart and not relying on fleshly understanding to give directions…he automatically will make your path straight. Applying humility and living up to the standards gives you access to operate in divine authority…legally having the rights to received the oxygen and nutrients.. – scripture confirms by saying it brings healing to your navel and moistening to your bones so you can holdup very strong. Whats the purpose of the human body navel!! its as followers:

The navel is where the umbilical cord comes in. The umbilical cord is a flexible tube that carries oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the baby. … Your belly button marks the spot where your umbilical cord was once attached. When the baby is born, he or she lets out a cry.

When the umbilical cord releases itself from the origin – it give full access to you to become prosperous in everywhere – meaning your storehouses shall be filled with plenty and your vats overflow with the precious new wine – remember the father’s discipline isn’t for bad as man puts it but is beneficiary for our souls. listen to this length of days comes from  the hebrew word here in strongs 6921 is ‘QADIM -East – it means the right and the hebrew is from right to left – meaning we are to travel East to west in our walk and riches and esteem are in her lift “heb Yawm”. all of this right here is saying according to strong’s 4217 Mizrach  place of sunrise we are travel from..Flourishing is a berakah  which is a tree to hai – this is eternity. By wisdom the earth was found- understanding establish the shamayim and depths were broken up by knowledge. All of these will become hai for our being a dwelling place for us to be forever. Despite the circumstance in life the father promise to be at our side therefore when situation strike you should not be alarm. Our heart alarm system awaken us to see and think straight so we would not withhold good from those who are our brethren