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Today I want to spend time here with my writings to ensure that never walk away…is very true that we have a end to life not the way man thinks end is. I m aware many is giving up on the bible because they had not been seeing anything happening therefore they walk away from their breath of life and turn to darkness. If you read Tehillim (book of Psalms) chapter 9 my eyes was open to this nugget.

Dawid saying I praise you O YHWH with all my heart. I declare all your wonders, I rejoice and exult in you, I sing praise to your name oh most high. When my enemies turn back they stumble and perish before you.

This song as  I was reading these words came to me that chapter 9 has not fulfilled yet..because this speaking a future tense state and as my eyes roll on words like you sat on the throne judging in righteousness – this can be the great white throne..okay let me go on… You have destroyed the wicked – you have rebuke the gentiles – you have wiped out their names forever and ever. The enemy no more – ruins everlasting . So he up rooted everything and YHWH abides forever and is preparing his throne for judgement. 

These  words sent a message to my mind and say the ending as not yet come but not only that – Tehillim 9 is speaking about after the resurrection of the dead. What is our purpose here – do as Dawid keep praising YHWH Elohim until the end – never stop serving him . Remember his time isn’t man’s time neither his ways ours, So trying to mix the two will only bring heartbreak to some and other corruption. Oh please my friends stop questioning authority and do as the scripture said. Torah rules are is for us to use our common sense and use the direct line he lay down for us to follow. Don’t allow people who never tasted the wine of your EL Lord and haven’t eaten his bread to advice you wrong. Please use your common sense and put the missing pieces together. Torah hides somethings because the father wants us to use our heads and we are failing to do just that. Wakeup and hear the word being preach to you




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Build your home


Wisdom has built her home…she has prepared her room for all those whose being is longing for protection. Now this is speaking of your entire structure..your entire operation Elohim is saying hes able to direct you. All is needed here is for man to submit – when man is under total submission your life will be spared because you are under the protection of the king. Let me share something with you about the kingdom of the earth  and how they direct they affairs…The kings and Queens over the years take the rulings that are written down in scripture and twist what will suit early rule. So watch this if a commoner is under the protection of the monarchy that person can come and go into the palace as they pleased and no one can never touch them. Why is that? Authority takes the place to become that individual’s roof . So with our savior Yahoshua Mashiach – Jesus Christ when we accepted him as our savior and king He become our shield – meaning he protected us from all harm. When we faces trails we should not be afraid after knowing he’s our strong tower to pull down every barrier. 

Mishley (Proverbs) Chapter 9 tells us if we do embrace wisdom – then she will build us up to accommodate our divine calling. Wisdom do warn us and also lead us to walk thru repentance. Before we can received protection something needs to be done and this action is taken from the one who require that change. Change comes from  activation — Activation comes from hearing — and that Hearing is travelling from the spoken word. This spoken word is the foundation that is already laid by YAHSHUA (JESUS) body on the stake. He spoke seven words which closes every door of darkness because the scripture says after the last word of YAHSHUA that was the end to fleshly mutterings. Every person was speaking between duration of him being carried and put to the stake but his word echos the power and it shuts every entry down immediately. The suddenly is what we want as believers – this break yokes and bind the wounds. People are oozing out there and don’t have the right band aid – today I have the answer for you – if you read the scripture wholeheartedly the word itself will healed your brokenness. Shemoloh himself said that.

Now after reading the proverbs and your mind takes it in – you will no longer be speaking loose but choose your word carefully. one thing the scripture point out here is speaking to scoffers and result it got us – when wisdom is put to work we are told not to even say a word to a person who are not inline with correction…because if we fail to use our word wisely then we are open for a beating.

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Inviting Youall to Come

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