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Rod of Iron


Why the world is in the confusion its in now – simple answer the word has rejected YHWH’s Yuhchid -son…so if you have ejected the truth of light and your breath of life..what do you expect the earth to birth out a false mashiah. Therefore the rage  and the emptiness witness against those who are not in order with Torah. And the reason behind this is the evil that  has been carry out against good where men call good evil and this is a very dangerous place to to be. In the mean time this  is in operation flesh hasn’t   think that another has seen them and this another is above reproof – he can’t be corrected by the world system -so he looks down from the shamayim and laugh because of the foolish plots and ideas they allow the mind to came up with. So YHWH speaks in his wrath and let earth understand he is set the course of nations by placing mount Tsiyon on  qodesh  grounds and what he has place no human system can’ not  removed it. His Yuhchid came to gather the missing pieces of the puzzle and make them echad – in doing this he received the gentiles has an inheritance and the ends of the earth his possession.

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My son if you accept my words, and treasure up my commands with you . So you make your ear attend to wisdom. According to this chapter it points out  two main keys we all need to know first before we call ourselves  believers. In the church they teaches you the years of accepting Yuhshua is all to salvation – but salvation has three levels {

for those of you who haven’t listen to Alan Horvath…I m encouraging you to watch his video on YouTube title – Pass, Present and Future Salvation – he tells it all

but this isn’t what scripture teaches…its not one save all save business. we have to accept him and his words and we are required to observe every command..not breaking any. We are to apply every word in our lives this is our task. When we do this then we can move into the next level of asking for discernment in and out.  I say in and out because we need to discern our social lives too or else you will be taken for a doofus  and a door mat…human beings knows to do that very well. For years due to not having discernment people uses me as a door mat and a fool. You may ask yourself this one question and I don’t blame you..can anyone get out? Yes you can with one condition – you have to trust YHWH Elohim with your life – because the devil is out there who always remind you of your pass – and the pass is the main key he uses in man’s life to bring them down so be careful and be on your guards – put on your girdle – never be naked while you working to get your pass to stayed behind. People say oh please don’t be judgmental but shelomoh in his writing he warm us that anyone who walk away from the path of  straightness and step into darkness they delight in the perversities of evil. He told you if you foraken right ruling and go to the house of darkness…you are going to your death. So you guard the path of righteousness and your nephesh will dwell in the tent of hai.