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Apple of the eye


The father love reach out to us because he had been pleading for us to keep on track with things and not to walk away from him. He has written down everything that we are supposed to know therefore there’s no excuses as to why we are not following the right ruling. When you guard his words and treasured his mitzvoh you will live not only for this world but for eternity – the world to come. I m not talking about Olam Ha zeh speaking of this world because we already here and most of us are getting tired of being here so our hope and expectation is that the father comes and take us home to Olam Ha Ba meaning the world to come.

Shemoloh is helping man’s understanding that if you take a full grip of the Torah it will preserved our lives for eternal hai life. And the only way  is by keeping word as the apple of our eyes grip the word with our fingers which is a sensor and this sensor keep with the flow of every revelation coming from YHWH. Yahshua – jesus is our rock and salvation and he break that code for us on the stake which gives us access to enter Before his death no stranger was not allow only his chosen ones which is jews. I don’t like this message that out there that yahshua came and the laws are done away with – so my question to you today what happen to the promise that the father has between himself and the jews. From my studies I understand that hadn’t not been for the Jews there will be no us. And the scripture here confirm it clearly in the book of  Mishley – Proverbs it said to make sure to bind the laws on your fingers and write them on your heart..why do you think it specifically say the heart! because the heart is what reminds the brain on matters that needs to be done on a daily basis and if the heart is fill with Elohim’s word then it will prevent a lot of false doctrine from entering in our minds. Next we are to call wisdom our sister and understanding a very close friend…this is to keep us away from that strange woman meaning the strange teachings that the church is preaching today and telling people that the laws,the shabbath and if you go further as far as the church is concern they don’t evening teach on the first covenant because they believe Yahshua ‘s death did it all by changing the day of worship to sunday and doing away with what they call the old testament. How so foolish – these foreign teachings only flatters the ego and after that it kills your spirit – how can someone believe that the son came from the father and the very son do away with his father’s rule. does this sounds right!! then of course it will to some who shows no respect to parents and with that spirit yes it will pervert the truth to the understanding that it is okay to worship on Sunday defy the order of the word. If you are one of those I pray now that you come out and return to the hebrew root – this garbage teaching is spreading out  like wild-fire never mind the Jews are keeping very far from those christians who celebrating every pagan holidays like easter , christmas and the moedim they call it oh that’s jewish chag holidays .

Olam OH BA

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For the righteous Elohim is a trier of hearts and kidneys

Situations that rises to the surface sometimes is our best way out but at the time we can’t really see it…so we allow our mind to take the better part of us. Am saying to you today don’t let this happen to you….know for certain that your father knows and see everything in the earth before it happen therefore would you think he has a weapon there awaiting the time give who deserve it. now you may asked then how would that be that a weapon is awaiting us to take that battle…well you only know it when you have totally sold out for him and he has accepted us as his…therefore he will show you the next step to your life. Dawid had been sold out to be the ben of YHWH and what was the words to him…this is my covenant to you, your  throne will automatically be for my YUHCHID and my promise to you is I will see that a son of your seed will always be there on the Throne and we see throughout scripture the father had always been fighting to protect the house of Yahudah Judah…so dawid prayer  didn’t step from a ordinary place but from a place of ordination with the father… in other words the shamayim held a conversation with Dawid’s name in it and so do you…the father joy is to held a private audience with you and him. How can this be done!  by you pitching your tent daily with him and he pitch his with you which of course his will  go must further to expansion.

From Dawid prayer we can say that the father wants us to stop blaming things and bring ourselves to him so he can make that judgment and not we passing the laws by making the rules. You have to bear in mind that the enemy loves no one therefore his desire is to out your lamp by tearing your throat like a lion and break you into pieces which will eventually become dust. when the enemy gets you there – his next and final step is to drag your nephesh soul to where he belong everlasting doom and darkness. Is this the place you are planning to end up when you died!!! just a question to help wakeup the sleeping soul and mind. after saying all that we can now understand why Dawid pray the way he did..he said picking this up from verse three:

O YHWH my Elohim, if I have done this: If there is unrighteousness in my hands, if I have done evil to him who was at peace with me, or have plundered my enemy without cause, Let the enemy pursue me and overtake my being, And trample my life to the ground, And lay my esteem in the dust.

Now  I  will call this a very serious prayer here…because you’re saying something that words can not turn back the time but just go into task. So in other words what am saying, this man was in the right place at the time the enemy attack him and he also knows that he will be protected. Somebody may ask – how then can you know that…you can be certain when you have a true relationship with the father… knowing that you’ve done everything in your power to gain deliverance. In this position you standing in give you the authority to use the access buttom by just pushing the activation buttom and begin your recording:

Arise, O YHWH, in your displeasure; Lift yourself up against the range of my adversaries, And awake for me! You shall command judgment! And let the congregation of the peoples gather about you; And over them return on high. YHWH judges the peoples; Judge me, O YHWH, according to my righteousness, And according to my integrity within me.

He continue to rebuild the body and remove this broken vessel to wholesomeness and how he did it by speaking the words into the situation…here as indicated –

Please let the evil of the wicked be ended, And establish the righteous; For the righteous Elohim is a trier of hearts and kidneys.

After that he shows you his foundation by structure it out to us and explaining what he meant. Verse ten reveals the way..when he speak about his shield is upon Elohim, who saves the upright in heart, Elohim is a righteous judge . And El is enraged everyday, if one does not repent! He sharpens his sword, he bends is bow and make it ready. Now the sword speaks of the scripture meaning if our lives are in defilement the Torah will witness against us and bows are the laws written down for man to live by and if that being so desire to walk away from truth after knowing right from wrong divine protocol will bend and be ready to act

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Give me give me

life is  about give and take…give me give me my name is Jimmy. Take nothing for granted and you will see the difference.many forgotten the offering giving thanks…this is the starter for any human life…it takes us thru this hard press life…so please my friends seek his esteem Elohim love us do you believe that!!! If you do..your life will activate for the good and not for bad . Don’t be like the one who place his face in the dish and when he raise his head up the plate was empty…this is a very sad place to be