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For Jealousy enranges a man. And he does not spare in the day of vengeance. Proverbs 6:34

Drawing from that verse above will explain here what Dawid meant in Tehillim 6. We see him crying his soul out to the father asking that Abba father don’t discipline him in his wrath and not to rebuke him in his displeasure. now you may wonder what is this prayer all about but it comes into play because of some choices and those are not done by right ruling but thru the flesh rule…here we see that Dawid surrounds himself with people who are not of his right equal therefore that brings stress on me your friends and tell me who you are. People said it’s not the word that is defective it is the man so keep away from the man and listen to the un defective word but I have a problem with this theory why when Eloah was getting ready to arrange his platform on earth he told Mosheh to have Aharon and his sons wash and bathe..let them go thru 7 days of purification and on the eight-day let them come before the tent of appointment and present the precribe offering to him. Now if this terory is so correct listen to the message and ignore the Messager why allow the kohens  to undergo such task. So we see here the statement must  be rule out accord to biblical standard. Here Dawid go from being weak to dim eyes due to grief and he went from tears to growing old…your adversaries indeed weaken you down to a place that you can’t rise…please my friends do not allow yourself to get to this stage. Dawid reminded YHWH – he said who can give you thanks from the grave because death brings a total separation in man’s life. Coming to his senses he realize it wasn’t the father who debar him but the choices he he make the decision to break the anchor of stronghold and let it loose. This is what we need to do let go of those things that are from the dark and the father will hear our prayers.

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Think Before Acting


Thinking before we act is vital to man…the reason why if we allow our mouths to go freely without taking the matter into deep consideration then it can take us another road or way…yes we are moving but where to are we moving. Be care full with such characteristics and don’t be quick to move by it. These hits and tits is ha satan path – he will allow you to use your mouth in a shadow of a doubt and when you have finished then you say how so sorry  you are; by then its too late because the act already committed and there’s nothing left but to comply with whatever you allow your mouth to speak. hear me…words are what the fathers uses to creat this world into existance…so when you speak a word you send that thing into the direction it designed to go….this is the reason proverbs says – if you have been snared by the words of your own mouth and ( this right here can go two ways either we allow ourself to physically sin by our own words or we promise do act on someone’s behalf without considering it) – so if you been snared and now caught by the very words that comes from your mouth you better well deliver yourself to the task…no changing of your mind.. here it will  cost you. You are now eating from your friend hand until you have accomplish the role you signed on to do. giving no sleep to your eyelids and turning over yourself like a gazelle can never be a good feeling but that’s your pick and no one can’t help you…you may have to sell your bed to get out from such demands. The ant for example has no supervisor they uses there instinct to move around. from what is around they can tell  not to or yes to so why are we not using the insight that is given and discern the dark from the light. You see if you uses dumbbells without food it’s so heavy that by  the time you get around you fail..why you have not been eating for the dumbbells  to work or tone you down…the question is…what are you toning down when theres no flesh nor fat.