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Days are gone

Tehiah 12… I title this “Days are gone” but I didn’t really say what is gone. Now bear with me please am going some where with this and my hope is to help as mush people possible to come out from they trap life and walk through the narrow gate. Watch this! friends the day we are living in are so crucial that people stop looking for they neighbor and what you find more deceit spreading like wild fire and less support  for the broken heart. Sin has been increasing becoming greater in size, amount, intensity and degree. If we are Torah reader we will understand the time we are living in. But stop pulling down the government for what had been happening in the entire world – Because what the father shows me in the last days the world has to become beyond its standard in other to accommodate his YUHCHID second coming.

Times like these do tells us that gone are the days of caring..that word still register in the dictionary factory but the usage of the word with its meaning has just become a by word and diction. what I mean by that “diction” people using the word but there are not applying actions to what that word stands for and this makes it very sad.

So today when I see what Dawid said with in this psalm it brings sadness. he said save YHWH, for the kind one is no more! For the trustworthy have ceased from among the sons of men. They speak falsehood with each other; Flattering lips, and a double heart they speak….

Tell me can leave a comment below this document. Aren’t we living this in the days we walking? Every where you not finding people caring and nursing any longer it is Cat eats Cat ooh that’s nasty. I m encouraging you guys those who said am waiting on the second coming of Yehoshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ) and has no love – please turn back and do Teshuvah (repentance) today. I believe am speaking to hearts who are willing to turn around for the better but don’t know how you know how to begin is going through that door of pardon and saying how sorry you are.

This is my message to the broken heart….


I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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