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Mishley 25 – Keep away from being anxious chavarim ( my friends) it only brings  hurts and sorrows and filters the body the with the experience of worry, unease, or nervousness. All this right here my friends is sure death. These subtance intake stops the heart…it doesn’t worth it people. 

I know you have been complying over the things of the bible..but hear me out – the people who are caught doing under hands things and using bible and I say this to you there are not the called out ones but a pack of vipers and snakes that carrying false doctrine. Keep away from those heretic teachings and it will do your being good.

Bear in mind chavarim all who heeded to sound discipline loves knowledge but the one who rejected correction is label foolish. My point the man who says no the scripture is stupid but he does know this because to his mind he’s doing the right thing. and there are so many versions of scriptures out there today misleading mankind further and further away from the truth.

If you keep coming to this page..there’s more I want to say but am awaiting until the father releases me to do so. I do nothing off my own anything you see me do – I did because Abba father allow me to.

For many years I was like you reading these different versions of scriptures but I never understand and in my study i realize the main key to our intellect is you can’t comprehend meaning to grasp mentally or understand fully if you have not apprehend meaning to take into custody or grasp mentally. First of all in your reading before you fully can say I understand – you have to take that what you have read and regurgitate what you think you know and then chew your cud on it. Cutting into pieces my friends is what brings your great understanding home.


I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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