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Yahuwaw way is Strong

MISHLEY (Proverbs) Chapter 10 says the way of YHWH is the
Stronghold for the perfect - if this is so then out of the
mouth of the righteous brings forth wisdom and the tongue 
Of perverseness will be cut off.You see when your walked 
is correct the fruits of your lips will be pleasing to
The phase "Mother" does not always mean the natural 
connection - the Ruach Ha Qodesh shows me that sometimes 
it is being used in scripture it is pointing directly 
to the original status which is the hebrew root. 
Shemoloh opens in (v.1) of this chapter that a wise
son makes a father rejoice. But a foolish son is his
mother's sorrow - and ruach this is more speaking
about how Abba feel when we go the right way in him
and the part where the word "mother" is mention is 
speak about the we reacted wrongfully against word

I hope that I reach people with this word of truth
and we can go and search out word for ourselves
I don't want anyone to go with my theology but takes
what the Ruach Ha Qodesh (holy Spirit) says to your heart.


I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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