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Wisdom First


Wisdom is the foundational Layer…

Understanding is the Promoter…

Knowledge is the Activator…

The foundation presents herself for us to take a form stand…she did it by alerting us openly. Some talks about this experience without knowing fact and some knows it was the spirit of wisdom who had been pulling them to draw away from the direct object and return until further notice. Know this my friends the devil give you notice too so in order for you to discern who is talking to you look at the activity that has been projected before your eyes. You know it as you daily reading the word and having it downloaded in you..that word activates and announce what is under the radar. You can never say there’s not any guidelines to follow…because you will be lying…the scripture are enough proof.

Wisdom  hits the Heights…

Your surroundings is part of  life and it must be accounted for when the father make the estimate – this includes every activity which ties to the state of your mindset – here is the place which tells if you are accepting truth or you have your intention to follow wrong…so our brain is brought for questioning and it must be examining after the examination it takes up the standard to walked up right – in doing so this process supports you by pushing your ability towards the high cost and this leads you to reach newer heights because by now you had been paying a great fortune. This fortune gives you a position of influence, fame and power

Now she hits the Paths…

Between the paths she has taken her stand to change the course of your life and in order to do that she has to travel your route and by doing do her footsteps will leave her markings so that you can take her direction. Scripture said this in the book of Job

For He knows the way that I take. When He has tried me. I would come forth as gold

— IYOB  23:10

Coming forte meaning that you had gone all the way with him and when he is finished you no longer stand the same. This next verse proof it here

My foot has held fast to his steps. I have guarded His ways, and did not turn aside. I have not strayed from the command of his lips. I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my portion

— IYOB  23:11-12

She hits the Entrance

She’s now at your door way to your soul and even where you lives…the friends that you associated with if they are not right for this new establishment she will keep calling out to you and let you know to turn your notification button on. Just an indicator blinking

The word is our Lamp to our feet
This sharp bright light is coming towards you – travelling so fast outside of your speed limit – this  covers all ends in your life.

to alert you that she is coming towards your direction the simple ones…and she is coming to pour fresh insights into your system so you can understand what truth is for your entire life. Remember before the earth ever was she was anointed ages ago….look at all the created things on earth and know wisdom was there before all these things that you see. Now isn’t this a good place to be falling in her arm and take right counsel. I rather fall into the arm of wisdom than to be in any fleshly arm. The days we are living now is so corrupt that we have to sit along side of her. What wisdom can do for you in a minute your academia can not carry you – I know many believes in this – this is all that world has to offer so it will push and supports it but in the long run when serious problems really hits home your academia will fail you.


I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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