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Learn the system


I found out something that our hearing works with a three dimensional system….and if we don’t know the system- we will never get it. We have know the system…learn it…apply it…and wait for it to operate.

Ear – this part deals with your fleshly perception of things…here you will receive everything that flows which is that little member call the ears – these two things one on the left and one on right really is important and its not allow to be taken lightly after knowing that the human ear consists of three parts—the outer ear, middleear and inner earThe ear canal of the outer ear is separated from the air-filled tympanic cavity of the middle ear by the eardrum. I want to stress on few details on the outer ear – this reminds me about the outer court – where we all go and wash; bathe and moves us to want change. At this station we operate the external slaughtering where all the blood is spill – the entire meat is on the open. we also strip ourselves naked and it opens every canal in ones life. You see the outer ear is the external portion of the ear, which consists of the auricle (also pinna) and the ear canal. It gathers sound energy and focuses it on the eardrum (tympanic membrane). Whats is happening here as you move from the outer taking what you have learnt and experience into the inner depot of your life – at this stage you can hear the divine words my son listen to my wisdom incline your ear to my understanding. It become my understanding because my learnt ways as accelerate to a point that my ear has heard that sound. Just bearing in mind the middle ear’s main job is to take those sound waves and turn them into vibrations that are delivered to the inner ear. To do this, it needs the eardrum, which is a thin piece of skin stretched tight like a drum. The eardrum separates the outer ear from the middle ear and the ossicles. Now we are thru the door into the inner court our assignment here is to tend to all the furnishings in the HEYKAL Tabernacle (Altar of Incense; Table of Shewbread; Manorah Lampstand). This is a link to the platform that radiates and we have to wait our turn…we are right near the most qodesh place but yet far – why!! not any motion takes you in side of the veil where the ark of the covenant with his lid located. From there the father will speak and call us – which means cohabitate the word spoken straight to the brain – it tells the brain you have no choice but to do exactly it said. because  the in vertebrates, the inner ear is mainly responsible for sound detection and balance. … The cochlea, dedicated to hearing; converting sound pressure patterns from the outer ear into electrochemical impulses which are passed on to the brain via the auditory nerve. The vestibular system, dedicated to balance. This is my take when I read Mishley. 5..if we apply all these into our reading of the word – we will gain  a better understanding how the word function in man’s life.


I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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