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Answer my Prayer


We all wanted our prayers to be answered by YHWH…but we all not living to the straight and directive way. This is the decriptive way on how are we to lived by in the hebrew . Hear me on this: TSADE = 90 SAY “TS”

Pictograph: Path

  • The Way (following Yahshua)      the_way
  • Hunting or Chasing
  • The Side of something  – (like laying on one’s side, to ambush)
  • Righteousness

the is the path root for us to live by and if our walk and standard are not like the above he can never hear our prayer….this was the reason for him saying to Dawid  till when, o you sons of men, would you turn my esteem to shame, would you love emptiness, seek falsehood? Selah …the selah here mean we must put our life on pause for a moment and think…pull ourselves together, reflect on things and see if our walk is in alignment with Tsade……I don’t think more have to be said here…if you want more just go and read it for one’s self…you can take direction from this image place above and drive yourself into it. this hebrew  letter imagesis thee way for our lives.


I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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