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Baruk for Righteous


When a person make a decision not to walk in darkness but they intention is to live up to the right ruling of divine protocol – the father promise to reward us handsomely. What do you think this reward entails!! allow we to explain..the human mind runs ahead far from what is truth and it brings us to some state call pride when we know in Shelomoh writings he himself said it in these words before destruction: Pride. And before a fall a haughty spirit. Now being haughty means the appearance or quality of being arrogantly superior and disdainful. when a person is enclose with such characteristics do you really think any person happy to socialize with that. No its not..if that’s  happen it means full deception is surfacing. therefore what Mishley 16:18 speaks of pride it facts and we must not walk in the counsel of the wicked nor to stand in the path of sinners by taking a seat with those who are scoffers. But our direction and delight should be in things of YHWH – we are instructed to bend our ears in the Torah never to depart from it..keep every concept of his regulations. You see we are that tree and in order for us to bear fruits we have to be water from our feet up – our feet can only be wash thru the studying and application of the word then and only then we can be that tree planted by the rivers of waters. hear me: there’s a triple fold berakhah you received when undergoing the word- here they are listed for you 

  1. Yielding its fruits in season – this verify the fact that you are hook into the root of truth and there’s no turning back – you are filling yourself with ever word of your father data and applying them in situations – you are living in the abundance
  2. The leaf does not wither – this demonstrate the truth of what your life is in reality – remember our lips can utter but our actions is the vivid prove to the current state
  3. Whatever we does prospers – now this shows no lack which means there’s no crack in the wall giving way to the enemy

In closure the wicked and the righteous don’t dwell in the same place – what the scripture is saying to us we must have one aim echad ….we can’t have both sweet water and bitter water flowing out from the same fountain .


I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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