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Day of Worship

Shalom Shabbat ~ it’s a very extravagant day that man can’t destroy because it has written down in the Torah for us to remember to keep the Shabbat qodesh

I know how the human system works ~ trying they best to break this day by saying that (and by the way get real to yourself his name isn’t Jesus) His name is Yahshua – can you stop calling him out of his name !!! Oh sure none of you don’t like to be called out of your names; so why are you calling thee savoir out of his name? Go and learn the way !!! By now most of you Sunday worshippers knows the truth but you all are not ready to change your day of Worship from Sunday back to Saturday !!! So how can you call him yahshua when he’s the Rosh of Shabbat…first thing Torah let’s us knows up front we are wrong .. also on Sundays it’s a business you makes money and leaders and pastors out there still on the prosperity system wanted to get rich. You see when Yahshua was on Earth he speaks as he sees it

Back to what am saying breaking of the day ( they used this statement Jesus came to done away with the law ) and brought forte a new day called Sunday . this is rubbish because if we really study the scripture correctly and its in your Christian bible you will see Yahshua himself said all that he did or say isn’t from his own but the one who sent him. So my debate is ! How could the one who sent him which is Yahuwaw break his own law…dose this sound right to you ? I leave this for the outsider to answer .. Yahshua said you don’t give the person the fish …teach them how to catch the fish…and in Hebrew this means if you are interested in where am getting this from – you have to take time to search out the scripture for ones self …I m not  spoon-feeding no one….I had to learn the Torah on my own to get these understanding . Allow me to let you into a secret this what am explaining here ….I didn’t just get it from one verse …I had to dig down very deep in order to get what am saying here .. so it will be hard for me to just give this verse said so so .you just have to keep digging to get to that place . I m bearing in mind this how the church dose racking few scripture that’s has no correction with the subject they are talking about but to keep the people in they church because it’s their church _ they never give the impression that it’s YHWH congregation … therefore they will have to say something and you that don’t read scripture until you go again on Sunday mornings just swallow up all that garbage

I m so tired with the fact that there’s no change in the Christian movement when it comes to us following Torah…the Torah law’s still stand .. how do you expect to get our Jewish brothers to accept Mashiach Yahoshua as the Mashiach? When the church still celebrate these three pagan holidays called: Christmas;  Easter; Summer and they know these holidays are not mentioned in Torah and upon this all these things is tag in what you called Jesus including Sunday….I m trying to get to my Jewish brothers to let them know forget the Christians and they way of Worship and accept Yahshua as the Mashiach ….. Elohim will deal with the church in his time. Yahshua said there are some who are not in this flock which is the Jews and he will bring them over to be one flock and head…so how could we be holding to these different versions of scripture? According to what he said there’s only one flock and head and I will closed with this and I qote: Hear; O Yisral’el YHWH our Elohim, YHWH is  echad (one) Debarim (Deuteronomy) 6:4



I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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