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No Freedom

I begin by placing the title |no freedom|because I am making a point

If you speak anything against the protocol of Talmud—- mishnah—-Israel—7 Noahide laws —–you shall be prosecuted for it.

Trying to get that brain to operate in the way seems fit

Gone are the days Chavarim where you are not allow to say what truly our hearts is saying.

Hear me,

See the day and hour is so dark that the truth is being attack —so anybody out there speak the truth will be ostracize for it & the truth I m talking about #people is right the way of presenting the #scripture

Do you remember what Jesus said (( I will use the word Jesus here instead of Yuhshua)) because I want every body to know what and who I m talking about

See, we are in the times where people are receiving a new doctrine other than what we received through Ha’Mashiach —so to be on par we must mentioned who are we talking about given the #Talmudic teaches about a two Moshiach one Ben Joseph and the other Ben David

So I want my readers and hearers know I m referring to Jesus who died on the stake/cross for some.

We have nothing to hide because it is factual to us that Jesus came , he went on that stake to release us from the bondage of sin —–please be advised on this truth

YHWH didn’t give us a spirit of cowardice but love and self control

Meaning to say that we have the power to act and set things right for our lives … one has that right to do so in our world

The way things are in the state of Israel you can not speak the name of Jesus as the rightful heir to God’s throne

You will have to say what the Talmud wants Jesus is a prophet when you really know other wise from scripture stand point.

I was told in a synagogue this:

You are not allow to talk about that man and I ask what man? And the answer was Jesus —-so I ask isn’t he our savior ! they look at me and said he’s Jewish but not what I was taught from my bible

And I was bombarded

On this subject the few times I visited that synagogue that I had no choice but to leave —–these people would not leave me alone even though I was not speaking the name but they would look at me and just know it that I m a believer of Jesus Christ and I see him as the Mashiach.


I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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