I celebrate not only the birth of Mashiach [messiah] Yahushua [Jesus] but i go deeper than just the birth. I will touch a little on my pass life going to church and worshiping on sundays. From my childhood my grandparents will worship only saturday’s and so this was my broughtupsy. But when I removed from their home at the age of 6 years to join my mum she sent me to sunday school which i never feel comfortable with but i said okay its all god they talking about so i remain there until  YHWH  says now enough has been enough and in 2002 April he pick me up and begin to show me the light. That day leading to where am at I will say is one of my best days I m having.. I will tell you why!! the scripture has been opening up to me in a manner like when a page is turn in a book. I will tell you from that day since, my life was never the same . Because today I now learning the hebrew through men like Avraham Ben Shalom,; Steven Ben Nun; Allan Horvath.. I m just mentioning a few here. So this is my take about what a  testimony is – i look for change in me daily and if there’s none am worried.


I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented