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Distress brings Answers


The father answers you in the day of distress…the name of Elohim of Ya’acob exalts your being by sending help from the Qodesh place. The father upholds us from Tsiyon…he remembers all our offerings by accepting each burnt offering.

When we lived in the precepts of his word then he lavish us according to our hearts and fills our plans. Joy comes to our hearts in singing of his deliverance which advance our entire being to take action full of praise and thanksgiving. 

When we are echad (one) with him he even moved on our behalf reaching out beyond the norm of things and let our requests be fully successful. Now that our being is fully rested..this is the place for us to see divine revelation. We will now hear Eloah’s voice coming from the shamayim and allowing our fleshly eyes to witness his great manifestation.

Somethings will go haywire but after all that the father has deliver us from we should always have him as primary. His doings in our lives is the key to being and staying faithful onto him…never be moved or shaken because the father isn’t unstable.


I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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