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Created thing give honor

[Subtitle: Shamayim Worship]  

[Title: Tehilliah Chapter 19] 

Everything that are created must honor Eloah 

  • The Shamayim are proclaiming the esteem of El – This speaks of worship from the sky…it honors the father with praise. Where the  Tehilliah 19     Expand declaring the work of his hand – This pointing to the active movement of the father…it is directing the flow how things are to be 
  • Day to day pours forth speech – which tells us that words are echoing from the base of the shamayim each day and is also telling man that they duties are to be daily and not when you feel like.    Night to night reveals knowledge – meaning in mans dark hour the know how is within them so all we have to do is apply it  
  • There is no speech and no words …this is proven that an individul don’t have the ability to express the thoughts and feelings and not having words means you are not distinct 
  • So the voice could never be heard  
  • Their line has gone out through all the earth – this speak of man’s life has already map out for them….and secondly their words to the ends of the world…means that we were created after the earth was laid and the world meaning people were place within the earth 
  • In them he put up a tent for the Sun...this is an example showing that the sun shines and it lives within a home…it is showing us that YAHSHUA is the ben and he radiates more than the sun. This is the glory 
  • It is like a bridegroom coming out of his room…this allure to Yahshua’s coming and he is the bridegroom for the called out –church. 
  • It rejoices like a strong man to run the path…this is the second coming of our savior – we all awaits his coming… 
  • Its rising is from one end of the shamayim…The ben (son) indeed raise above with power and circuit to the other end; and naught is hidden from its heat 
  • The Torah of YHWH is perfect, bringing back the being…the glory is returning 
  • The witness of YHWH is trustworthy, making wise the simple…the truth and power is revealing to man with great understanding.  
  • The orders of YHWH are straight, rejoicing the heart – the command of YHWH is clear, enlightening the eyes. 
  • The reverence of YHWH is clean, standing forever 

I did a pdf file for those who may want to download it to they system


I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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