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Last Season

Titling this as “Last Season” I was sitting on my bed when this word came to me saying…..Today We Are Living In The Last Season Of The World – and I turn to my note pad and jot this down….because am saying maybe the father is making a point to me but am not getting it.

But as I begin to jot down what I heard…..more of it begin to flood my mind until I see the sense of it. Now watching the news – seeing what going on in the middle East especially with Yisra’el because here is where my interest is..I wanted my savior to come and take me home with him, that my ears is bent on the last trump and every day in my prayer am saying oh my eloah I m awaiting you.

In the mean time am on this waiting zone am seeing Nebuah “prophecy” fulfilling right before my eyes and what is amazing and a wonder….things are falling into place which tells me hey YUHSHUA is very near than we think. The days and nights are declining so quickly that it supports and encourage us believers never to let go of what we are told from scripture. YUHSHUA said  in the last days we are to focus on the fig tree…for many years I had been wondering what is the picture of this fig tree…until now the ruach ha qodesh reveals this piece of revelation thru the mouth of his servant Avraham Ben Shalom…and in one of his teachings he explain very in debt who is the fig tree no other than the nation of Yisra’el. Because Yisra’el is taking back they territory no easy task but yes we can see the great effort in getting back what belong to them.

I m not for or against the debate as who is real Jews and who is not….I found out these debates can run you into some serious problems so I stayed away from such things…I m not telling you not to get in or out but am sharing what second timotiyos chapter two verse twenty – three says to me and I quote: but refuse foolish and stupid questions, knowing that they breed quarrels



I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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