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Driven in Outlands

There  was a man in scripture who was driven into the outlands without having any choice. He was taken out by his own groupings of people due to hatred, and having no one to turn to makes it worse. But I found out lately in life as I read and study more of this story I come to the understanding that Yes YHWH has not send the struggles or problems our way but when they do arrived he uses it as a tool to teach us.  here is Dawid – david  wonder off to a very dangerous zone – what I called shaking hands with your enemy – he was sent there though someone who had no understanding of visions and dreams which was king Sah’ul so what he did is hunting Dawid life down until he ended up with King Akish – the very place that was so wrong for Yisra’el – Isreal and therefore he was with his enemies the Pelishities. Bear in mind these are the same people who was fighting against the name of Yisra’el – so how can this look  right ! that they are a protection for Dawid? Dose this sound right to the ear? it is not!!! Its more like a mockery to me than a protection but this is how the enemy works – uses pretense as a hard weapon to the mind and when that thought gets into the minds of the human system it begins to operates in a different manner by bring pressure and fear on you. I m a subject of what am writing here. You see for years I grow up not having the knowledge that I was seen in the eyes of my family as a doofus so most of my adult years I had been use and be place as ones slave until one day the father woke my spirit up and said me you have to rise up and move on – you have to open your mouth and speak – when I did that oh my gosh that break the camel’s  back like a wild fire that every person that hangs around me was shock because this isn’t like Patricia so what had awoken her and how did I know that I had been walking divine deliverance; from the reaction and I thank my Elohim for seeing me though this.. Remember at one part King Sha’ul never knew who Dawid was because I will go so far to say when human beings sees you as a doofus they don’t know your DNA nor your name because all you are to them is a fool and a slave. But this same Dawid said that he rather falls into the hands of Eloah than to fall into the hands of men. Please stop and shut down this doofus door because all it dose is to hurt you and suppress you which will lead your Nephesh – soul to a place of no return. So if you are reading this – know to yourself that Eloah is giving you a second chance to wake from your stupor. I was like this for years and only in my forties I was able to understand what am writing here today. I always hear you never too old to learn – well I m not sure if this statement is correct but what I can say for me – yes it do works for me. Now please my readers don’t get me wrong what works for me may or may not work for you but there are other tools you can draw from this information to help with your situation. I was never a scholar but what I can tell you my friend the Ruach Ha Qodesh  – the holy spirit for some is who educated me and if he can work with me I know he can with you.

רוח הקודש



I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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