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Hanukkah 2

Now according to my opinion I read in the gospel where Yahshua was walking in the Miqdash, in the porch of Shelomoh . and it tells you it was in the season of Hanukkah. Now why would Yahshua walking at this time!!

My opinion on this is that he had been showing us that our lives has been separated far away from light which is him and he happens to be there to shows us that he comes to our rescue

Just bearing in mind that it was winter when  Yahshua so happen to be walking in the miqdash and this means when the troubles of this world just overwhelm that we always glad if someone powerful can come to our rescue. I see our savior always there for us but all we need to do is believed in him.

See YOHANAN {JOHN} 10:22-23


The Memorah has 7 candle whereas you see the Hankiah has 8 and the middle one is called the Shamash

Candles are place from right to lift

the lights place from lift to right

For those who wants to observed this season instead of christmas  but don’t know how….this is the way you do it each day by prayer

  1.  Baruk Are You YHWH our Elohim, ruler of the universe, who has sanctify us with your commandments and commanded us to kindle the lights of Hanukkah
  2. Who makes miracles for our fore fathers in those days at this time
  3. Who has kept us alive sustain us and brought us to this season

Activities in this season – to keep the children from not feeling bored because ha satan has given out his lies on the 25 of december where santa comes with gifts and the kids had been looking forward to such gifts… so what you will do during this time is everyday you give money and gift for 8 days 

lots of games are played during the time of Hanukkah. The most popular is ‘dreidel‘ (Yiddish) or ‘sivivon‘ (Hebrew). It’s a four sided top with a Hebrew letter on each side. 

How do you play with a dreidel

Every time it’s your turn you spin the dreidel once, depending on the outcome you give to or get pieces from the pot. If you get “Nun” (for “Nischt” meaning Nothing) then you do nothing. If you get “Gimmel” (for “Gantz” meaning “Everything”) then you get the entire pot.

image of dreidel



For 8 days we celebrate the conception of Ha Mashiach , Mary was visited by Ruach Ha Qodesh, We rededicated our lives during 8 days. 8 being the # of a New Creation Mary 1st Tabernacle for Elohim, It was the first time when the light was presented. 

Hanukkah begins today December 12 going until december 20 2017 – this morning I was reading the book of Shemoth chapter 29 and the information that the father gives me shock me out of myself that I had to share it here:

Now Day 1 deals with three concept :—–

  • Clothing – and this speaks of the physical temple that was broken down after due to rebellion. When that happen we had no Way – therefore YHWH had to send his YUHCHID – to reestablish it back together – and this is what YUHSHUA did when he came , to mend what was broken and find all that was lost. In Yohanan chaper 10 he himself said that there was none that is lost because his body did it. Now all of this is seen in the Torah  where the father said to Mosheh this is the task you shall do to them to qadosh them to serve as kohenim and he give some orders what was expected – these include  the young bull and two rams – the father said that the Bull represent the divine authority because if you don’t have divine authority then its not legit when it comes to the earth whereas one ram is a picture of his YUHCHID and the other is body which is the congregation. Unleavened bread; Next is Unleavened cakes mixed with oil; Unleavened wafers anointed with oil – they are to be made from Wheat Flour – unleavened means darkness is disallowed – Cakes speaks of the nature in which we read the word – in other words how do me digest it and the oil is the Ruach who gives the revelation of that read word – the Wafers stands for the people who fully committed they lives to YHWH and truly guided his commands and follow every thing that he said, so his Ruach  anointed them by placing a mark. This he instructed us to put them in one basket which identify with the statement YUHSHUA said in Yohanan 10 :16 – And other sheep I have which are not of this fold – I have to bring them as well, and they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one flock, one shepherd. This covers the verses 1 thru 3 in the book of shemoth 29.
  • Presentation – Then you should bring Aharon and his sons to the door of the Tent of Appointment, and wash them with water ( s.v.4),. Now the death of Yuhshua join together and form into one unit – scripture define it in this manner- Truly, truly, I say to you unless a grain of Wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone. But if it dies, it bears much fruit ( see Yohanan 12:24) the grain of wheat is a picture of Yaushua’s body which went into the ground and dies and after three days comes to life – now if his ben had not come to the earth, man would not have the opportunity to walk into light – which proved by scripture it will remain alone. Now because of Yuhshua’s body being the door man has access to enter into eternal light and have greater advancement to possess the eternal dwelling place. We also see where Mosheh was instructed by the father to wash Aharon and his sons – this means as we turn the pages of the Tanakh the words washes us and purifies our minds and bodies to prepared us for divine downloads. Some one may asked what the word Tanakh mean – I will have it right here in brackets for you [ Tanakh is an acronym of the first Hebrew letter of each of the Masoretic Text’s three traditional subdivisions: Torah (“Teaching”, also known as the Five Books of Moses), Nevi’im (“Prophets”) and Ketuvim (“Writings”)—hence TaNaKh. ]. We also see as we do teshuvah ( repentance ) thru Yuhshua’s body his body took us to the Tent of Appointment which is the symbol of YHWH himself – in the book of Hazon ( revelation ) Yohanan said he hasn’t seen any physical temple but it was all radiated so this radiation that Yohanan saw is the divine dwelling place. verse 5 thru 6 speaks about the different stages man’s life go through during this  time of Hanukkah – we see proper clothing Aharon  had to wear and within those garments there was a piece called the shoulder garment on my take on this i believe this is speaking about the maturity level of our life – it is expected of us not to be too childish to the extent that we can not carry out the task that’s assigned to us. And shall take the anointing oil, and pour it on his head and anoint him ( s.v 7) The pouring of the oil is the source of the Ruach ha qodesh so his job  is, when we are finish up with our cleansing he sealed us – when that oil was pour on the Kohen ha Gadol’s head it flow down to his beard which tells you the growth and this growth birth into a congregation .
  • This next level birth us out after our cleansing it give us  a status forever but in order for this to be in operation we must first keep with the requirements by girdling our bodies with all the mitsvah (commandments)

Day 2 with three concept :

  • BULL – ( Sin offering) the priest is required to lay they hands on the head – this is breaking one authority to establish another – as it is brought to the tent of appointment – it is to be slaughter – meaning we must crucified the flesh before the blood can be sprinkled and used for our atonement. our duty is to make sure that we pour our all on the altar – making sure that we are honest with everything we do in order for us to received our full redemption. Now according to the scripture  a sin offering is to be consume and consume means to Eat , Drink or Ingest.

This is what the Jewish Encyclopedia says and I quote:

The sin-offering proper is a sacrifice consisting of either a beast or a fowl and offered on the altar to atone for a sin committed unwittingly. The rules concerning the sin-offering are as follows: If the anointed priest or the whole congregation commits a sin through ignorance, the sin-offering is a young bullock without blemish. Should the ruler so sin, his offering is a male kid without blemish. But when a private individual sins, his offering must be either a female kid or a female lamb without blemish, or, if he is too poor to provide one of these, a turtle-dove.

Sin-offerings were brought on other occasions also. On the Day of Atonement the high priest inaugurated the festival with two sin-offerings—a bullock as his own offering, and a male kid for the congregation. The flesh of these was not eaten, but after the fat had been removed the carcasses were burned outside the camp (Lev. xvi. 3, 5, 10-11, 25, 27). A woman, after the days of her purification had been fulfilled, was required to bring a dove for a sin-offering, in addition to a burnt offering. A leper, on the day of his cleansing, was required to bring, besides other offerings, a female lamb or, if he were too poor, a dove for a sin-offering (Lev. xii. 6; xiv. 10, 19, 22).

Sin-offerings formed a part of inaugural and dedicatory ceremonies. Thus, when Aaron and his sons were inaugurated into the priesthood, one of the sacrifices was a sin-offering consisting of a bullock, the flesh of which was burned outside the camp (Ex. xxix. 1, 10-14; Lev. viii. 14-17). Eight days later Aaron brought a calf, and the Israelites brought a small kid, as sin-offerings (Lev. ix. 2-10). At the dedication of the altar each of the twelve princes offered a male kid (Num. vii. 16 et passim). The sacrifices of those who returned from captivity with Ezra included twelve he-goats (Ezra viii. 35).

Ritual of the Sin-Offering.

The ritual of the sin-offering was as follows: If the victim were a quadruped, the offerer confessed his sins over the head of the victim and slew it himself (comp. Lev. iv. 4, 15, 24, 29). The place of slaughter was on the north side of the altar (comp. ib. i. 11 and ib. iv. 19 [A. V. 25]). The priest took some of the blood and sprinkled it before the veil (ib. iv. 5 [6]), or, on the Day of Atonement, before the mercy-seat (ib. xvi. 15); this he did seven times, and then smeared some on the horns of the altar. The remainder of the blood was poured out at the base of the altar of burnt offering. The internal fat of the animal, with the caul, liver, and kidneys, was burned upon the altar of burnt offering. In early times the flesh belonged to the priests (comp. Hos. iv. 8 and Lev. vi. 22 [29]), though it was sacrosanct, making everything which touched it holy, and might be eaten by priests alone. The law of Lev. iv. prescribed that the flesh, together with the hide, head, legs, viscera, and dung, should be burned outside the Temple. The blood was so holy that an earthen vessel which touched it was to be broken, and a brazen vessel scoured (ib. vi. 21 [28]).

When the victim was a bird the priest pinched off its head with his thumb-nail (ib. v. 8; but see Jew. Encyc. x. 619b, s. v. Sacrifice), and sprinkled its blood without dividing the carcass. A second bird was offered as a burnt sacrifice. When an offering of fine flour was made, the priest burned a handful of it on the altar and retained the rest for himself (ib. v. 11-13).

  • The first Ram – we see the laying on of hands – it means we must be involve in every step of our consecration – this right here was burnt entirely and given to total surrender – we also see that Yuhshua was in one accord with father because that day when he went on that stake – yes he did say if its possible to take this cup away but he quickly fall back into motion and said never the less not my will but yours be done on my life so from his words we rightly understand that we are to do the exact way Yuhshua shows us if we desire change. His death on the stake is a an example for us that there is no turning back as long we sign up for divine change – take for example the United States Army !!! when you sign up to join there is no turning back – yes we all sign up for different things we may want to accomplish in life so we say if we join the army we can achieved greatness but what people don’t know until they fully enter the army there is something call a boot camp which every person must undertake. At this place will teach us and to let us know ourselves what really we are capable for and how ready are we!! ( Capable means having the ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing.) and this should be our goal when we go on the treadmill to tread off the skin of sin – You see with believers we don’t want to go through nothing – so we are crying out for the father to take us, little do me know there’s no coming back out as long we signed up – its a boot camp – You remember Yuhshua’s words in Luqas (Luke) 9:62? But Yuhshua said to him, No one, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the reign of Elohim. And after reading this!!! what do you draw from it?
  • Second Ram deals with the ordination section of man’s life (s.v.19-22) – we need to be called and be chosen therefore we can’t just maintain ourselves so we need to sit and with at the altar until He calls our names to move into position. Some of us is indeed moving in pride and so we are not solely depending on him – our lips saying one thing but our action is saying another thing. I have news for you! in this place we can’t have  two opinions we must have one mind, one heart, one direction, one destine and one hope. Listen! what did we learn from the Navi ( prophet ) Eliyahu (Elijah) in 1 Melakim (Kings) 18:21 – And EliYahu came to all the people, and said, how long would you keep hopping between two opinions? If YHWH is Elohim, follow Him; and if Ba’al, follow him. but the people answered him not a word.

Day 3 with three concept :

  • Bread ( s.v.23-25) Mosheh place these item into the hand Aharon and his sons for them to wave it before YHWH – this speaks of the Innocent that is birth after the effect. Now when you become innocent it transmits to the purification of integrity which the flesh takes away by force and you had lost not only your virginity but your virtue. So as we go in depth thru prayers – this kind is what breaks out into the renewal zone and cause us to pinch ourselves  by saying is this me!!! Look what Eloah has done for me – this is what Sha’ul meant in 2 Qorintiyim ( Corinthians ) 5:17, Therefore if anyone is in Mashiah, he is a renewed creature  – the old have passed away, see, all have become renewed. so when Yuhshua take the bread, he give thanks, broke it and give it to them, saying this is my body which is given for you, do this in remembrance of me – ref Luqas 22:19.  the bread is a picture of Yuhshua’s body – therefore in our walk with him we have to exchange something that is once fragile for fruitfulness and this is by eating the word. In so doing it brings us to a proper state of mind
  • Breast ( s.v.26 ) is the solid part of an animal and it produces the productivity that the body needed – this is call our primary stage but we are to understand how it operates in order to get the right nutrition from it. In other words learn the process by dissecting it for oneself and when you draw out the plan what was analyze then you are required to apply it. The application is the key that unlocks the door and open to a peaceful state of mind
  • Thigh ( s.v. 26 -28 ) and the Breast is a combination of the two – because one of them is wave whereas the other one is raised – the wave comes from the ordination offering which specify the set a part level of this consecration and the second part is the Thigh being raised which means an elevation to a higher position – remember we were at the level of waving back and fro ! but now we are moving on, to a much more higher standard in our journey which means we do not remain at the same level in our walk with Elohim. From this I can rightly say the thigh is what carries and give us the oat to lay hold on our promise state, take Avraham for instance what did he told his servant Ela’zar to do when he sent him on a mission to search for a wife for his son Yitshaq!!! He told his servant to put his hand under his thigh and to swear by YHWH the Elohim of the shamayim and the Elohim of the earth, that you do not take a wife for my son from the daughters of the kena’anites, among whom I dwell – Bereshith 24:2-3. Now according to the rabbis this is what they say the word thigh means in Hebrew – oath means seven and thigh was thought to play a part in procreation ( Bereshith 46:26; Shemoth 1:5 ) so Avraham servant bow seven times in taking the oath

Day 4 with three concepts:

  • Garments which is the picture of man’s covering – to keep  from shame and disgrace. Now am not dealing with the physical nakedness but I want to cover the spiritual clothing. I believe this is what the father’s word is all about – we much be dressed well so when the enemy comes in like a flood he can not take us out. Like our foreparents in the garden of Eden Adam and Hawwah   –  the scripture shows that they both knew that they were naked – and this was not pertaining to the physical side of ish but the more spiritual .. I will prove this  to you , in the book of Bereshith this is what scripture said about the first time the word naked appear : And they were both naked, ha ish and Ishshah, yet they were not ashamed (2:25). this part speaks of they physical – which scripture point out that they both had knowledge on. I don’t believe that this was the father’s plan to leave them uncovered but knowing the way man works we just can not wait and in the process of that sin step right in – this is the reason why it is always important for us to wait on him patiently. The next place is seen in chapter 3:7 : Then the eyes of both of them were open, and they knew that they were naked, and they sewed fig leaves together and made loin coverings for themselves. How do I know that this was the spiritual side!!! because of the action taken here ie. sewing fig leaves for themselves to cover from the loins down- which means they understand that the ruah had left  them and today they souls left open to the world. The final step is seen in verse 21 : And YHWH Elohim made coats of skin ( in the hebrew:  (kethoneth or kuttoneth called tunic)  for ha ish and ishshah and dressed them. So this skin we see came off from an animal that’s dead and being made into a garment – which is saying something has to died  in order to atone  for man’s sins – so this is the picture here with Aharon and his sons  the garment being pass down only to those who follow the way.
  • Qodesh Cooking is the sealed of consuming the rich foods in our system, so we can operate in his right perpetual way. Foods has a lot to do with our cleansing – if we claim to be Torah followers and yet being found eating pig and rabbits etc then our action is contradicting what Torah laws says about these unclean animals/ according to our studies from Shemoth 29 we see where Aharon and his sons are to cook this meal in a qodesh place and they are to now eat the flesh of the ordination ram along with the bread that was in the basket. Now it strictly declare the order of the way the food should be eaten and who are allowed to take part knowing it is a meal of atonement for ones life and if any is left over it is to be burnt by fire. This phase no “Stranger”  shows very specifically that no foreign thing is allow to enter thru the mouth of this consecrated vessel because it is Qodesh – this includes our walk, our speaking and our whole demeanor.
  • The continual act is the status given and is expected to be carry out at all cause. s.v. 29 -45.

Day 5 with three concept:

  • The Altar in a human body is the heart chamber where the blood pumps from and travel through the body – it washes and take out all waste from the human system , therefore the human heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the body via the circulatory system, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removing carbon dioxide and other wastes. Below is just for my readers to see what the heart looks like and its function. I know sometimes its difficult to understand but the blood of YUHSHUA atones for our life – when we sprinkle or apply his blood the effect of it do show forth. Each day of our lives we are suppose to make an atonement and qodesh it heart
  • The Mind – after applying the blood and making atonement the next stage is our perception – how we view and see things – this too has to be alter or else it will lead us astray. Why! the mind I call it the scavenger for the body because this is the place where all debris passing and most likely its a holding place for all the earthly traffics – so ohof_course this section of the human body has to be taken care of. The mind is a set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, and memory.The three functions of the mind — thoughts, feelings and desires — can be guided or directed either by one’s native egocentrism or by one’s potential rational capacities. Egocentric tendencies function automatically and unconsciously. You can work with everything in your prayers but if you don’t touch the control of the mind – you are doing nothing – because this is a stronghold that needs to broken and not by fleshly authority but by the power of prayer thru the applying of the blood. This is no place to take lightly – it is strong enough to break down your momentum – when you are on the journey and have gotten so far no one wants something to hinder them – so check out this place our mind and start with all those emotional problems that may wants to pop up at any moment.momentum
  • The Body is like a pool or sea that holds the inhabitants of the resources – Our bodies is like a resource reservoir that holds the contents. So my take on this because we are the vessels that the father uses to house his glory – don’t you think it will be best to bring this too under the blood of YUHSHUA and let him covers it

Day 6 with three concept:

  • Lambs allude to the service and worship – now we know it is impossible to worship Elohim without the shedding of the skin. What do I mean by that!!! I mean one has to died first by laying all the things of the world and leave it behind – in other words your flesh should feel it then you really know yes am indeed making a move for change. so in the time of slaughtering one will take their pet animal to offer it up – by doing this it will rest very deeply on their heart because that animal had meant something valuable to them – so you will feel lost and that empty place is where YUHSHUA will take and make his dwelling – now this is expected to be done not once / twice but on a continual process. Watch this – in the book of Yohanan 3 it says that For Elohim so loved the world that He gave his only brought forth Ben, so that everyone who believes in Him should not perish but possess everlasting hai ( s.v.16). Our father takes the lead by showing us this perfect example by allowing his YUHCHID to step into this world and manifest his divine body to become us – same Yohanan said and the word became flesh and pitched his tent among us, and we saw his esteem, esteem as of an only brought – forth of a father, complete in favour and truth.
  • Preparation of your life so it can hook into the format of the word – remember our life is already map out – all is needed here is for us to take the instructions and follow it – but you can’t follow something if you yourself has not come to that place of servanthood!!! because then you will be telling yourself am not doing this nor that. And the reason for this – no one can’t co-operate if unity isn’t living in them, so this is how you will know yourself. You may try to deny the fact that’s not true but in true reality when you look yourself in that mirror it shows you yes you are that man. Look the Torah that we read taught us these guidelines the Kohens could not have go into the inner sanctuary unless they washed at the bronze laver.  And the reason for being at the laver  bronze-laver-priestis that you can see your reflection and know immediately you are not ready. Our savior served – he himself said these words even as the Ben of Adam did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his hai as a ransom for many. ( MatthithYahu 20:28; Marqos 10:45; Yohanan 13:1-17 ).

The laver was made from the bronze mirrors of the women’The Bronze Laver’ (Ex 30:17-21)

I place the link right above – you read the The laver was made from the bronze mirrors – click on that an it will take you across to this study below about the Laver.

It was here at the bronze laver that the priests washed their hands and feet before entering into and coming out of the holy place. The laver was made from the bronze mirrors of the women and filled with water for the continual cleansing of the priests as they ministered in the work of the Lord.

Exod 30:17-21 “Then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying: You shall also make a laver of bronze, with its base also of bronze, for washing. You shall put it between the tabernacle of meeting and the altar. And you shall put water in it, for Aaron and his sons shall wash their hands and their feet in water from it. When they go into the tabernacle of meeting, or when they come near the altar to minister, to burn an offering made by fire to the LORD, they shall wash with water, lest they die. So they shall wash their hands and their feet, lest they die. And it shall be a statute forever to them– to him and his descendants throughout their generations.”

Its Name

The word “laver” means a bath or wash basin containing water for the purpose of washing. The Jewish priests were commanded to continually wash their hands and feet during tabernacle service.

Its Position

The laver was placed between the door of the Holy Place and the altar.

(1) It came after the altar (sacrifice first)

The appointed priest, as he entered the gate of the outer court, faced the altar, where he made a sacrifice for himself like any other Israelite. Once beyond the altar he was ready to act as a serving priest and so at the laver he prepared himself for the further service of God. He could then minister at the altar or in the Holy Place because he washed at the laver.

The altar always came first for the priest. Salvation and then service. God was approached by way of the blood and the water.

(2) It came before the door (wash before entering)

Within the door of the Holy Place were vessels that represented God Himself. No priest dare enter with any trace of uncleanness. “Be holy as I am holy” was commanded to the priests.

(3) It came after leaving the Holy Place (wash before going out)

In the outer court everything was bronze. Inside the Holy Place everything was gold. As the priest came out of Gods Presence and back into service he washed at the laver.


  • When you are in total submission in Torah – your heart goes places that you haven’t gone while being on the outer court. You see the outer court experience isn’t for us to remain there forever – it was done in such of  a way so for us to move to our next level but most times we allow  our mind to lead us instead of the mind of our heart to direct our move, so we left in a delayed mood and in that process of time we just issue words of idleness. Our offerings which is our lives has to be mixed with these different ingredients – therefore in the process of trying to get all these to flavor our lives we won’t get the time to entertain falsehood – we much have the fine flour – the oil and wine in our domain so to function hitoil

Day 7 with three concept:

  • Preparing the lamb for the evening which brings us into our new day-from the evening the new day begins according to the biblical calendar.first of all we must move by freedom of choice and not force into anything that you yourself has not ready to do. A grain offering is an offering that protects  from danger – today as I was studying the word, my eyes open to a portion of scipture in 2 Shemu’el 17 taken from the nineteeen verse. Now before I go there please let me back up a bit here on this story – the scripture was talking about Dawid who had to run from his palace into the wilderness just for a time – sometimes in our walk in Elohim we fail not to see the real spiritual plan for our lives – so we get distracted with the darts and arrows. But in my personal experience – no one tells me this, I found out that YHWH uses our earthly situation to test us just to know if we are fully prepared to go all the way. And oh please don’t you beat me in the face not yet because I have scripture to back up what am saying. Remember when the children Yisra’el came out and they were travelling through the desert what did Mosheh said to them!!! He said this to them from the book of Debarim (Deuteronomy) chapter 8 and I qoute: ” Guard to do every Command which I command you today, that you might live, and shall increase, and go in, and shall possess the land of which YHWH swore to your fathers. And shall remember that YHWH your Elohim led you all the way these forty years in the wilderness, to humble you, prove you, to know what is in your heart, whether you guard his commands or not – s.v.1-2) Having said all this lets go back to where my landmark is 2 Shemu’el 17 because the scripture above support the way am going – we had been talking about the grain offering and I had wanted to use this text from 2 Shemu’el but I couldn’t use it until I explain fully from scriptures what am saying. Now like I said today when I read this my eyes pop open to this great knowledge that grain protects you from harm. Let me quote what it said, verse 19 – And the woman took and spread a covering over the wells mouth, and spread ground grain on it, so the matter was not known. So when Abshalom and his army came they never did find those two men who was hiding under the purification and protection of man’s life. Due to the grain protecting them they were able to carry out the message to Dawid who was hiding in the wilderness from his son.
  • The drink offering is the blood that shed for man’s sins thru YUHSHUA ‘s body – which indicates that while YUHSHUA was on the stake he was drench in blood and it flood the earth – the blood pours out on the altar  foreshadow  the death of YUHSHUA and it also mark those who are his. can you see why the drink offering is so important!! Even Shau’el mention these words in the book of Pilpiyim (Philippians) 2:17 he said: in fact even if I m being poured out as a drink offering on the offering and service of your belief, I m glad and rejoice with you all. Right after this we see where Sha’ul saying in 2 Timotiyos (Timothy) 4:6 – For I m already being poured out, and the time of my departure as arrived. What is Sha’ul talking about! he is saying all who have the mark of the blood of Mashiach should be urgent in season and out of season – as long we are on the altar our duties are to remember and keep all that is commanded.
  • The burnt offering is a major role in man’s life – here we must already know the ins and the outs of every area. Because it is at this place Eloah is asking us to give our all – we must be fully plug in at this stage. There is no excuse beyond this point we have to be fully committed and avail ourselves for when He calls us on the next assignment . I remember at one stage of my life – I was in a bible discussion when someone asked me this question – if god takes you thru life situation why isn’t he still asking for a whole burnt offering. But you see why question like these will arise to the surface because of not having full understanding on what scripture said.

Day 8 End of Hanukkah

Now according to our studies in the book of Shemoth 29 – the few last verses laid hard on my heart – it said that a continual burnt offering is required throughout your generation.this is speaking about thee way we are to operate in – it is not just for a period of time but it is a lifetime and lifestyle approach. Why did I mention lifestyle!!! because the father will be meeting with us to speak to us and there he shall meet with others who had not been on the journey and he shall qadosh them by his esteem. Right at this place he shall accept our bodies a living serving vessels unto himself and renewed our hearts which is ie. the altar allowing the indwelling ruach to live on in side of us. He is now establishing the leadership on earth who will draw near to him – who goes in and out on behalf of the people to Elohim, Remember Dawid  in the book of 1Shemu’el 18 ? when king Sha’ul had appointing him as commander  to go in and out for the people !!! what happen? the people had liked him so they all were ready to elevate him when that time comes. So with the father he put things in place before the trial – so when the trial is call to bar those before things comes as your advocate and this is who YUHSHUA is to us.  The number (8) is a number of new created things – the scripture said that the father will dwell in the midst of the children of Yisra’el and shall be their Elohim – Now how do you think this happen!! He was able to dwell among us due to our constant washing at the altar – doing as he says and when enough word is in us to level off whatever we are doing on the journey it graduated us into our next level in him. ( See ref: Shemoth 29:42-45)

During my walk in Hanukkah I have learnt some values that teaches my ruah to know him as my true Elohim – who are always there for me and will never forsakes my being.


I m biblical researcher ,,, looking for the truth and applying the hebrew in the way it should have presented

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