Wayyiqra 23:15-16 is the very scripture that explain to us this Mitzvah (commandment). This very book Leviticus deals with all ceremonial washing. The function of this book is so that man will be adheres to the voice of YHWH because this said book  prep and prepare man later to received the Torah. First man need to adhere  the word in order to become doers of word of Eloah. So this is to set the stage for man to follow. The father do not appoint you in a position unless you are fully trained for that specific role. Now he himself instructed Mosheh this command;

From the morrow after the shabbath, from the day that you brought the sheaf of the wave offering, you shall count for yourselves seven completed shabbathoth. Until the morrow after the seventh Shabbath you count fifty days, then you shall bring a new grain offering to YHWH

From this study my eyes open to fully  of what the father had been saying but when you don’t read and study for yourselves how can you gather the exact information that is flowing! having gotten so far into Pesach I see where the two tied hand in hand meaning echad . Right after the departure of the exodus brings you straight to counting of the Omer. Let me explain “Omer” means a sheaf and this is a prototype of  Mashiach Yahoshua who will come and be wave once and for all. The purpose was to atone for the sin that takes place in the garden of Eden and when that first Adam falls it stately means all  after him comes under that curse. Now to break a curse takes a whole lot of planing but seeing that our Yahuwaw is not slow to handle matters therefore he always had a plan B and this plan B came under the name Yahshua and he break that curse of death and destruction. Isn’t anybody following what am saying!!! it take a person  who had no sin to break the curse of darkness.

Shemoth chapter 19 verse one said in the third month after the children of Yisra’el had come out of the land of Mitstrayim on this day they came to the wilderness of Sinai. Just before I dive into as to why they came..let me put everyone on notice that when you are getting ready to received a breakthrough it doesn’t appear the way the church taught you,. Hey come on guys I know most of you came out from the church background like myself and they had mess with our heads with these ideology and these replacement theology  which takes us no place but to become political head strong. I said that because I have seen people believing in these theory that really don’t have any biblical support yet they hold on to those false ideas. So my point here today for those who seeking  the truth…being on that wilderness journey is the tool to get us all intact…some say going through means that sin is laden on your shoulders..yes the point here can be accepted  impartial  why? someone may say to you because  you are on this journey it means there is no help for me so you will burned in hell I can’t accept this part of the theory. You see I was told by the church God is finished with me because am too poor to even make a presentation to God (I mention God here for my readers to catch quickly what am saying) . See over the years Ha Satan has the people believing that God has more than one name and you are to called him god and with all these different translation we have today Oh its confusion. So lets get to the call out ones and this will make much sense…. we must be very explicit leaving no room for confusion nor doubt. The devil is twisted so in order for his evil strategies to be carry out he has put you in a confused state of mind where you don’t know yourself at times and when you are like that it simply saying to the human system which belongs to him this mind has to put under machine. Dr Eric Braverman writes in his book about the brain and one of the main faculty in his book  he point out that Yahshua (Jesus) met with him and told him that he will go with him into the operational room but  he Yahshua will be the one who will use this doctor’s hands to operate on the brain. Because the brain is all made up of water and no man can fix that. So having the human system to work on your brain you see how ha satan is creeping in!!! and who will tell you that this may be the work of the devil unless the person is walking with the Ruach Ha Qodesh “Holy Spirit”. 

Now I got this all out of the way I can smoothly flow with this direct message as why we should observe this mitzvah. Being on that desert floor teach the children of Yisra’el to become closer with the things of YHWH…because  travelling through that dense desert the scripture indicates that on the third month they were in position to received the Torah laws and guidelines  in which they were required to follow. but it took them thru from the period of Pesach until they reach the target. Now this target was the counting of the Omer from the eve of the second day of pesach. The question here why was there a second day of pesach if that day was already counted in? Good question!! The reason for the second day and this was a revelation I got while reading this portion and I got the understanding because the nation of Yisra’el is in Diaspora – most likely where they are station will not enable them to see the full moon on the first like those who are in the erets אָ֫רֶץ land” of Yisra’el. Now the reason for this is because it depends on the equinox cycle in the western system and with this confusion you can never be able to celebrate the season so it was assigned for the second in this way you are sure to get every person on data. The Solar System can put things out of order and dealing with matters of Higher state you can not afford to loose out on those dates because this is the rules for man and if we are not going by the right ruling then we are automatically cut off.

The Solar system dose not have a standard rule with it…sometimes cycles can be up to mark then another it is shorten which means in this sense man will have use they calculation so having to deal with the solar equinox can be very distressing because by then what you were suppose to celebrate  has pass. To clear all this  you what the father decided let the Solar calendar runs the beginning of the fiscal year and this falls on  the first of the seventh month – this very month earth was created on the first and six days later  Adam and Ahwaw was created same time they fall so man never enter the Shabbath rest. It also includes the year of agriculture. Next he put the Lunar Calendar to head the Feast year – in this lunar calendar, the “months” represent complete cycles of the Moon’s phases.  In this way, each date of the month represents a certain phase of the Moon, so that the same phases will fall on the same date from month to month.

Watch this…when YHWH give the Mitzvah to the children of Yisra’el  and told them this day fourteen of the first month they will observed pesach it was two weeks after the new noon and now they were heading for the full moon. See the full moon rises in  Qadam “east” whereas the sun set in  Yam “west” therefore all night the full moon travels across the sky and climb to its highest peck by midnight, by day break its fully set while the sun is rising up. Bereshith 1:16 said Elohim  made two great lights, the greater light to rule the day and lesser light to rule the night and the stars. This scripture is telling us the moon indeed rules the night.

Omer – Some may wonder like myself what this word mean….so what I did is by looking it up to see the meaning. And shocking news chavarim (my friends) it is what it said in the scripture of Wayyiqra 23 “Sheaf”. Which reminds me of Yoceph (Joseph) who had the dream binding sheaves. Here is what Bereshith “Genesis” chapter 37:7 said exactly:

See, we were binding sheaves in the midst of the filed, and see, my sheaf rose up and also stood up. And see, your sheaves stood all around and bowed down to see my sheaf.

Am wondering now could this be that the father is calling us sheaves because bear in mind this comes from the grain and to get him we have to first purify ourselves then we can approach. This verse was not talking about Yoseph this was a sign of the Mashiach whose to come and atone for man sins by pulling them out from their transgressions and will stoop up as our Kohen Ha Gadol “Great High Priest” as the verse said the sheaf rose up….just think to throw this out there.

In this section I would like to labor on some importance because I do not want people to run away with false concepts. When we are running we should have the true concepts to go by. First let me touch on the among of days took before  the children Yisra’el received the Torah. Never think it was done in one or seven days fast …no my friends it was not done that way. In order for any person to received the nuggets from the third place of glory…that vessel has to make preparation for the journey and that kind of preparation takes you down thru the wilderness , up in the hills and walking in the valleys. in the mean time this is happening we have to be very grateful and thankful by praying through the paths we are walking through. I m telling you this from my own experience if you do not pray your situation through step by step you can’t never get his divine revelation. So as the scripture said on the eve of the second night of pesach you are to count seven complete shabbathoth…what you are doing is calculating 7×7 weeks = 49 and the fiftieth day you shall observe it. what really you are doing here on this day is reflecting on everything you went through during these pass months or season and you are expected to be reading the scroll that has been handed to you. I did a bit of a research on how calculations operates in counting the seven weeks. Given that |:a week = a year   |:7 days = 7 years| etc. well the information I have on the word weeks is correct…am open for correction, if anybody seem to be studying more on it..please kindly share it with me. But below is the information:

The word weeks was translated from the Hebrew word Shabuwa meaning a period of Seven and also Feast of Weeks, one of the seven Feasts of the Lord:

SHABUWA (shaw-boo’-ah); Noun Masculine, Strong #: 7620: seven, period of seven (days or years), heptad, week; Feast of Weeks (Shavuot

For there is one Elohim, and one Mediator between Elohim and men, the man Mashiah Yahoshua — 1 Timotiyos (Timothy) 2:5

The analogy here quite fit in line ⇒ the Omer is between Pesach and Shavuot

|:Pesach   Omer   |:Shavuot|    From this analogy we see that the Omer stand as the Mediator…and who is it standing between!!! Elohim and Man….But no fleshy thing can take the place of the navel. So the answer here is the Omer is a picture of Mashiach Yahoshua. Let me explain a bit seeing that the omer came from the grain and the grain  was use as a purifying offering on behalf of the people in ancient time this tells me by common sense that it isn’t grain per say that cleanse the people but the shadow of that gran is what did the job. another fact is that nothing impure is within the grain and what I found out when the father uses anything from the earth to represent him he always uses something that is of a pure stock. Yahshua does not need pesach neither does he need shavuot …hes already  the universal ruler and possessor. These two things is for us mankind has fallen away from divine glory and adopted to the secondary level |:Pesach highlights the slavery mentality in man   |:Shavuot promotes and provided the strategic regulations and statute to lived by. Again I will say Yahshua  already holds the title deed as the Savior and Sustainer. Pesach pulls you out from your state of slavery whereas Shavuot marks the culmination of the process of liberation. The counting of the Omer is generally appended to the end of Ma’ariv (the evening service).


Hametz (leaven) This was the only moed that required leaven – every other leaven was disallowed. From the spectrum I would say that at this level it includes every person who follow Torah. There are some laws that were only required to the Jewish nation. But receiving the instructions means it is the full guidelines for man to walk and given that the 10 words was given to Mosheh during this season is the living proof that the goyim were included…and  having the leaven in the midst of the service simply shows something  important is in operation. During these 50 days between the Resurrection and Shavuot, Yahshua met with His talmidim “disciples” many times, and on the 40th day He acceded into the shamayim “heaven”.  Yahshua had told them to stay in Yerushalayim “Jerusalem “and “…wait for what the Father had promised.”  Scripture says after the resurrection Yahshua was on the earth for 40 days which means he visited is talmidim during those days to reconstructed them back through divine consecration and on the said day he was acceded back to the father which leave 10 more days to make up the 50. Now what were they doing between the ascension and receiving of the Ruach Ha Qadesh . Between these two dominant role there is a ten days stood in the centre… the hebrew letter Yod its value is 10.  Pictographic meaning hand, work, worship, deeds, fist, power, congregation. Having this vital information on this letter scripture did say that one talmid was missing from the 12 so Peter took this time to refill that stop – the point  here they all had to come together and hold one union, using they hands to throw the lot not forgetting their ten fingers is put to the task in worship and using the power to support what they were doing.

In the Torah talks about the number 50 with Yovel “Jubilee” and this is when lands were being release back to they rightful owner also slaves is release ; at Yahshua’s death there was a man by  the  name of Barabba  who Pilatus  releases in the place of Yahshua …this one man is a picture of  the human race who had been sinking due to sin (ref: Luqas “Luke” 23).

shavu’ah means week, and Shavuot means weeks

The primary meaning of the feast was reflected in the Hebrew name, Yom Habikkurim, or the “Day of First Fruits,” since Shavuot was the day on which the first fruit offerings of the summer wheat crop were brought to the Temple

The Temple services for Shavuot followed much the same pattern as that of the Feast of First Fruits, since both holy days were celebrated with first-fruit offerings. However, the offering for Shavuot was unique. It consisted of two long, flat, LEAVENED loaves of wheat bread as commanded by YHWH

During the counting of the Omer, Psalm 67 was recited daily because it is composed of exactly 49 Hebrew words which correspond to the 49 days of the Omer count. The Psalm is seasonally appropriate because of its harvest motif. It is spiritually appropriate because it speaks clearly of God’s salvation (Yahshua) being made known over all the earth.