Pecach Part 2

Moshiach Yahoshua Last Week Leading to his Death.

The Saturday and Sunday opens the week of Mashiach Yahoshua final count down in the earth

|: The closing hour has come for Yahoshua so he no longer went openly among the Yahudim but went into the country near the wilderness to a city called Ephrayim and his talmidim with him.   |: Yohanan (John) 11: 56

|:Yahoshua draw near to Yerushalayim   |: While others going up to qadosh themselves because Pecach approaching   |:Yohanan 11:55   |: Begin the Journey here|

|: Six days before pecach he came to Beyth Anyah  (House of Afflictions) – the house of El’azar whom he raised from the dead   |:Yahanan 12:1   |:Saturday|   |: He was anointed at Simon the leper house – this incident took place at Beyth Anyah (Bethany ) where Yahudah (Judas) said why this waste – it could have been sold and given to the poor not that Judas concern was for the poor but his main purpose was to thwart the plan of Eloah (god).    |: Mattithyahu 26:6-13   |:Marqos 14:3-9   |:Yohanan 12:1-8|

|: Allow me to explain here – the reason for this confusion in the middle of Yahoshua’s anointing scripture proof where Pecach and Matstsoth was two days away and the chief Kohenim and scribes were seeking how to take him through treachery and put him to death. Now this scheme was incubated by ha satan himself and he knows that a man is already in line to suit the job no other but Judas after appointing this man to activate such act simply means that the dark spirit will have already invade his intellect which automatically blur all right vision so being stock in that state of mind and now happens to be in the very place where this undermining act are suppose to take root will push him to the extreme so seeing good  in operation he uses  logic to say i.e: it could have been sold and given to the poor” this was just to promotes his evil devise.   |:Ref: Mattithyahu 26:1-5   |:Marqos 14:1-2|

|:Great crowd gather at El’azar;s house – they came to see the miracle for themselves and at this stage  the kohen using the same trail so as to kill the evidence of the good work.   |:Yohanan 12: 9-11   |:Sunday|

|: Another crowd came to the festival because they heard that Yahoshua will be in Yerushalayim.   |:Yohanan 12:12   |:He came to Beyth Phagi   |:Bethphage|  (means house of un-ripe figs) which has great potential because it was from this house Yahoshua sent two Talmidim to find a donkey and a colt — [this right here is mentioned in Zarkaryah 9:9]   |:Mattithyahu 26:1-9   |:Marqos 11:1-10   |:Luqas 19:28-40   |:Yohanan 12:1219|    |:He enter Yerushalayim (here is when the pecach lamb is taken on the 10th of the month , see Shemoth 12 therefore Mashiach presence is the literal proof that hes that Paschal lamb) — mattithiyahu version tells you he sat only on them but didn’t ride both    |:Mattithiyahu 21:10-11| whereas in Marqos version says he rides the colt means a young donkey, and foal is a mare that gives birth.   |:Marqos 21:1-11|   |:Monday|  |:10th|   [Beyth Phagri and Beyth Anyah is both facing Mount Olives].

|:From Beyth Anyah  [Fig Tree stoop up to Him ( this is a presumptuous act because it was the very thing that hides the sin after the fall in the garden – the Torah reveals that after Adam and Chawwah realize  they fall it tells you (|:Bereshith 3:7) that they sew fig leaves together and made loin covering which means it only cover from they rib down to they hip] -[so when Mashaich Yahoshua saw the tree had no figs he curse it in other words what the father sees his word oppose he do not prune — what am I saying from my studies I understand in order for a fig tree to produce figs it must be prune after each crop and if you don’t it will never produce another crop again — Yahoshua knows this  when he curse it…because it can not do any more damage] To Yerushalayim the orange  font color shows where the link starts to where it ends.   |:Mattithiyahu 21:18-19   |:Marqos 11:12-14|         |:He entered the Miqdash and overturned the tables — what was happening here the leaders could not pay the tax so they was using the Heykal as a place to buy and sell things in order to gain money…layman’s terms turns it into a business   |:Mattithiyahu 21:12-13   |:Marqos 11:15-17   |:Luqos 19:45-46|                           |:Fear grip them when they saw what happen and after that Yahoshua returns back to Beyth Anyah.   |:Marqos 11:18-19   |:Luqos 19:47-48|   |:Tuesday|  |:11th|

|:They witness the fig tree dried up and also was strengthen in they walk with Eloah to pitch their tents without doubts — the mountain was not literal but was use to help us to understand  whatever you asked with a pure heart it shall be given.   |:Mattithiyahu 21:20-22   Marqos tells us the talmidim saw the miracle of the fig tree dried up from the roots but Kepha  was the one that motion  to Yahoshua  the fig tree  you curse has been withered he also tells us that having the power without forgiveness means you shall remain in your sins  |:Marqos 11:20-26        |:As he entered the Miqdash….they question him about his authority – So he intern asked them about the authority of Yohanan the immerser and they give a delinquent answer so this close the case. |:Mattithiyahu 21:23-27|  two sons was on board both was told to worked the vineyard – the first said no but later he went the second said yes but he never did which of the two did the desire of the father? the one that say no but went later. The man in the street raise in Teshuvah  (repentance) but the man inside stuck in the status of delinquency. |:Mattithyahu 21:28-32|  Taken back by another parable and this hit them for six because they could not withstand his wisdom – the vineyard infrastructure knock them out (s.v.33-46)  |:Wedding feast – the father give us two chances to proof ourselves and here we see each time he was disregarded by they actions – so he send for the street corners but one was among the lot who carry the same spirit as the first batch the difference was  he was not wearing the clothing that is connected to the feast. Walking in violation cast ones soul into Gehenna (hell). (chapter 22:1-14) |: Bear in mind the Herodians are the secular government so the so call believers reach out to the government system to help them. From verses 16 thru  22 there is a discrepancy but mashaich yahoshua knows their thoughts and it was ruled out.  |:Tz’dukim (sadducees) are the religious leaders, they are group of Jews that was active in the Judea during the second temple period starting from the second century BCE through the destruction of the temple in 70 CE. the sect fulfilled various political, social, and religious roles including maintaining the temple. From verse 23 to 33 cover the entire story about the resurrection of the dead – pulling it from the woman who been marry to all seven brothers and at the resurrection whose wife would she be – so mashiach yahoshua close this down by saying at the resurrection no one will be married nor given in marriage but will be messengers of Elohim in the Shamayim (heavens). Verses 34 to 40 poses this question  which is the great command in the Torah!! the answer is to love YHWH your Elohim with all your heart and all your being and with all your mind – the second is to do like wise love your neighbour as yourself. verses 41 to 46  deals with this retarded mater believing that Yahoshua is Dawid son and mashaich yahoshua point out to them Dawid himself call him Adonai so how is he his son? no one dare to asked any more question.   |: a direct word was given – you won’t see him unless Yisrael say baruk is he who is coming in the name of YHWH |:Mattithiyahu 23:39.   |:Marqos 11:27—12:44|    |:Luqas 20:1 —21:4|      |: Speaking of the end time and what to expect |as the lightening comes from the east and go to the west so the son of man| |:Fig tree branch become tender and put forth leaves means Yisra’el once again become the covering for all by now you  know that summer is near|.   |Mattithiyahu 24 —25:46  |:Marqos 13:1-27   |:Luqos 21:5-36|    |:plots and scream to get rid of Yahoshua and kohen ha gadol Qayapha was chieif ring leader.  |:Mattithiyahu 26:1-5   |:Marqos 14:1-2   |:Luqos 22:1-2|                    |:Yahudah Qeriyoth transact the evil role – the 30 pieces of silver. |:Mattithyahu 26:14-16 |:Marqos 14:10—11  |:Luqos 22:3-6|  |:Wednesday| |:12th|

|:1st of Matstsoth the talmidim inquire of mashiach Yahoshua  the venue the Pecach. ( this tells us that he had been observing the pecach each year with his talidim or else we wouldn’t find them asking this question) |:we see a straight direction was given |:Mattithyahu 26:17-19   |:Marqos 14:12-16   |:Luqos 22:7-13|               |:Evening came (remember this a Jewish day ends at sunset so prior before evening we still  in the 13th  day also it was this date Yahudah sold Yahoshua out—this meal that they were partaking of was the last of the Hametz because next day will be the morrow of the Pesach where according to the Torah laws all Hametz must be out from your houses — therefore we can see that Yahudah eats the last of the Hametz just before he deliver Yahoshua up. As you read this scripture it indicates  that Yahoshua  was speaking about his death and he was also saying that one among you will deliver him up – this conversation led to the question who that will be and Yahudah couldn’t do anything else but to implement himself. (According to studies it says the song that they sang was taken from the book of Tehillim 113—118.. just think I should put  that in).  |:Mattithiyahu 26:20-30  |:Marqos 14:17-27   |:Luqos 22:14-30|     |:This tehillim break down every pretense to fulfilled what was recorded in Zarkaryah 13:7. (I know many of you does not know this but for a task to be accomplished it must be a set stage to it — and the navi (prophet) was that key to what is taking place here in Mattithiyahu chapter 26.   And striking of the shepherd which all stumble…in the status of being scattered it birth accuracy and let me tell you why I said this, Kepha (Peter) was stuck with his belief that everything is well so when he heard that statement all will stumble in me this night, it crash his finite mind and place him into a position that he can received the right ruling  to shift into his next level in Elohim. Next they were told the place Yahoshua will be after his resurrection.   |:Mattithiyahu 26:30-35   |:Marqos 14:26-31   |:Luqos 22-31-39   |:Yohanan 15:1—18:1|            |:They now arrived at Gath ShemenYahoshua took his place in prayer – came back and saw the three sleeping – he give Kapha a very good encouragement by alerting him that the presence of Eloah dismantle every fleshly order so don’t stoop for less. The ruach in you will be able to overrule that fleshly domain that locks you in and causes many to miss they moment.   |:Mattithiyahu 26:36-46   |:Marqos 14:32-42   |:Luqos 22:39-46   |:Yohanan 18:1           |:Yahudah is at hand with a kiss – so the shepherd is now under duress – Kepha cut off the ear – All believers are now stuck in the status of bewilderment. |:Mattithiyahu 26:46-56   |:Marqos 14:43-52   |:Luqos 22:47-53   |:Yohanan 18:13-27             |:He is led to Qayapa – now Mashiach Yahoshua was arrested in the evening and according the Torah laws it is prohibited to have the law court open at nights but because they wanted to smooth they conscience for what they have done – they allow the court to be in operation. All cases by law is to be tired during the day and not by night. Another point here it has been said that Gamaliel which we read in the book of Mas’asēh chapter 5:34 was the head chief at the time of Yahoshua’s trial – he was sitting among the Jewish council. Kapha makes his recompense before the crucifixion.  |:Mattithiyahu 26:57-75   |:Marqos 14:53-72   |:Luqos 22:54-65   |:Yohanan:18:13-27|  |:Thursday| |:13th|

|:He is delivered to Pontius Pilatus  in the morning- Yahudah (Judas) took back the 30 pieces but it was too late for him and he went immediately to that dark place. Barabba took the place of freedom whereas our Mashiach is beaten and preparing to take the stake.  |:Mattithiyahu 27:1-30   |:Marqos 15:1-19  |:Luqos 22:66—23:25   |:Yohanan 18:28—19:16   |: Time of the crucifixion 9 a.m — Time of death 3 p.m — but he died at the very time when the lambs were being slaughter  — he was buried before sabbath kicked in – because on shabbath it is forbidden to do any work |:Mattithiyahu 27:31-60 |:Marqos 15:1-46   |:Luqas 23:26-54   |:Yohanan 19:16-42   |:Friday|  |:14th|

|:They post guards to watched the tomb – all Shabbath hes in the ground – not only the world stand guard but the word itself knows the place where the body was laid.  |:Mattithiyahu 27:61-66   |:Marqos 15:47 |:Luqas 23:55-56  |:Saturday|  |:15th|

|:He was resurrected (the statement here i.e: say his talmidim came at night and stole him away while we slept) could this be a clue or sign to Mashaich resurrection!!! while I was reading this portion guys this thought just stood before me and I think okay let me share it. Now here we also see that he was sold over twice – the first approach was the 30 pieces of silver given to deliver him up and second silver was given to keep quiet on the fact that Yahoshua has been resurrected. This is like Yoceph (Joseph) money was paid twice for him – his brothers sold him, when he get to the destination Yismaelites sold him to Potiphar. He is the first from the dead to be risen which led us back to Wayyiqra (Leviticus 23:9-16 tells us on the day of the morrow after the shabbath when you bring the sheaf of the wave offering you shall count for yourselves seven completed shabbathoth. here is the place you began the count of the omer. The resurrection of his body is the Bikkurim (FirstFruits) – this the early Bikkurim taking us to the latter Bikkurim  which is Shavuot   |:Mattithiyahu 28:1-15  |:Marqos 16:1-13   |:Luqas 24:1-35   |:1Qorintimyim 15:23    |:Sunday|  |:16th|