Pecach Part 1

Getting the Easter out of the Way

Before you read this post on *Pesach* please go over to the article title **Easter** and read that first. Then return back here…you see the reason why I mention that so that it will clarify every thing in the mind.


*Now I can apply the true sense of observing Pecach in our lives…puling it directly from scripture Shemoth (Exodus) chapter 12*.

The Scripture opens with these words:

And **YHWH** spoke to **Mosheh** and  to **Aharon** in the land of ** Mitstrayim** (Egpty), saying, This month is the beginning of months for you, it is the first month of the year for you. (s.v.1-2).

See, they were in the middle of their trials when the father spoke to them and let  them all know that he has already make the way…all they needed to do is to take actions. In your time of distress the “Ruah” do speaks into our situations by alerting us all will be well if we obey to his command. He is the head of all and our entry, just live and submit to the protocol. When he mention the beginning  of months and first month..he is literally saying  just before you physically step out from your turmoil and dark hour your deliverance is already at hand. It means someone more stronger than the flesh went beyond the natural zone and advocated you.

Speak to all the congregation of Yisra’el, saying, on the **tenth** day of the month **each one** of them is to take for himself a lamb, according to the house of his father, a lamb for a household. (s.v.3)

Let me explain this verse..this is speaking to the heads not the entire congragation. Only the leaders were allow to take a lamb on the tenth day because as heads they will have the correct measurements to deliever. In this case you can’t go above your leader.

And if the **household** is too **small** for the lamb, let him and his neighbour next to his house take it according to the number of the beings, according to each man **need** you make your count for the lamb (sv.4)

Hear me we have to learn to share with each other. This is what we don’t have in the church. We don’t look out for each other and as leaders we have to take care of our flock. If we refuse to take care of the flock the father has assigned to us then we are opening up the door for ah satan to stet right in.

Let the lamb be a perfect one a year old male. Take it from the sheep or from the goat(s.v.5)

Doing teshvah (repentance) is the key that wipes our slate clean and making it white as snow but some of us don’t regard this as law so we walked in without saying sorry and declaring our sins. you have to remember we live in a body called the flesh that decays, so in order for us to be on the right path we must first do what it takes to purifies us. the sheep here in this verse  represented two things (1) willing to become what the father said and (2) following the fundamental truth forever. The goat is related to headstrong  it has a dogged determination not to change, it is very tenacious to hold firm on its instinct. Despite the decision  that is projected this animal don’t move from that desired place it comes back again. And this is many of us….we keep using the blood time after time and yet there is no change. Like Shaul “Paul” said in the book of Ivrim “Hebrew” 10:26 For if we sin purposely after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a slaughter offering for sins. You can go ahead and do a word study on the goat’s being and you will be surprise at the result. I do believe that the father wants us to have the very tenacity like these animal to serve him.

And you shall keep it until the fourteen day of the same month, then all the assembly of the congregation of Yisra’el shall kill it between the evenings (s.v.6)

The heads has five days in advance before they kill that other words, in my opinion before your life is put on the altar for slaughtering you must first take in consideration  what you are about to do so it will not project as a force. Remember Yahshua ! when he came to earth the first time  his act was done willy and not by force. So coming back to our text the animal is living proof that he is matured enough to take the kill, why! it had five days  to regain power and strength also its the Numerical value “5“for the Hebrew letter Hey        another meaning is it is being fill and prepared to take any task the father has instructed to do…right after  that on the fourteen day it was  taken and being put on the guillotine between the evenings. watch this:

  • Fourteen is a double measure its makeup is multiple seven which shows you that Mashaich Yahosha came down fourteen linage. It recreate, the moon is nearly full on each hebrew month from my research – which means it brings:                                        |:Fullness   |:Reveals truth   |:Radiates glory|
  • Evenings – Now here is the starter of a new day…just before its full dark you are allow to offer your slaughtering while is yet day by letting that animal stood in the gap. and this is what Yahshua did he took that place of death and replace it with his hai so man can enter in

And they shall take some of the blood and put it on the two doorposts and on the lintel of the houses where they eat it (s.v.7)

The hebrew word Mezuzot (doorposts) – the blood sprinkling on it verifies full protection because according to the Torah laws the blood is the life which breaks down every barrier and set mankind free. Our hands are the extremity of the body therefore you are required to write the laws on your fingers so are the (doorpost) of your house Mezuzah (doorpost). In my studies I found out that the word Mezuzah came from the hebrew root zeez which means to move and if you check what the blood did after it was sprinkle…  it removed the stain and protects Yisra’el from the plague of death. Here is what YHWH said we are suppose to do in book of Deuteronomy 6:4-9 (ESV)

“Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.[a] You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.

Here we are told how to eat the Pecach (Passover)…everything has stipulations all we need to do is to follow them. Now this is what is said quote: And they shall eat the flesh on that night, roasted in the fire – with unleavened bread and with bitter herbs they shall eat (s.v.8).

Allow me here to break this down for you. we understand only three items were on the plate of Pecach (Passover)…so getting this out of the way with other things we see on the plate today like strew fruits; Eggs etc. In our eating takes three dimensions. Why is that! the father’s domain is 3 dimensional so is our walk it must be in balance.

  1. Lamb – this is to be roasted on fire…the reason for the fire what the father had show me is so to drive out the dark  from your offering. he  explain when the enemy sees fire he runs for the simply reason it reminds him of the place where he is designated to go. also fire in the scripture speak of a union, we see Adam and Ahwaw when YHWH created them the  Torah indicate that ‏אֵשׁ‎ (esh )(fire) stood  between them and you may wonder why esh was in the center but the book of Debarim  chapter 4: 24 said this – for YHWH your Elohim is a consuming fire a jealous El. Therefore my take on this he does not want anything to stand in his way except to him so if he allows his supernatural fire to stood in the way of our life then he can protect us as how a hen gather her chicks under her wings. In ancient time before the lighters and matches they will use something call Bow drill
    note:  Fire Bow Drill

    and they will have it start the fire bear in mind man also call (esh) because man was created from the dust and this kinda spark something powerful here. I have inserted an image what a bow drill looks like. Also the fire stand as a witness…remember according to Torah law the lamb was only eaten by the nation of Yisra’el and not by (goyim) גּוֺיִם (gentiles) Now don’t take  goy as a bad word because it is not…it is just the meaning for nation other than the Jewish clan.

  2. Matzah (Unleavened) Lechem (Bread) it is requirement not to have  Hametz  (leaven) in their homes in other words they were forbidden  to consumed hametz  during the Pecach season. Here, I specify the dwelling place for your physical body – that place is the building  where one’s sleep but where the Nephesh (soul) and Ruah (spirit) lives is the vessel so both of these were required to co-operate with the regulations of what Eloah said. The vessel dealt with the digestive section – where you eat food through your mouth whereas the building  deals with the groceries for storage and in these compartment no Hametz (leaven) was to be found anywhere during this  season. Another important part is the source of ingredients of which you shall make your preparation.The Torah totally map out what was allow – they were from  5 species  of grain   =the value 5       |:Wheat   |:Barley   |:Oats   |:Spelt   |:Rye|          You may wonder to yourself, what is the reason for all this. But Hametz is a symbol of leaving Egypt behind and pressing towards the gold that won the prize

    Round Matzah Closeup on Plate which is the unleavened bread served at Jewish Passover dinners

3.מָרוֹר‎ (mārôr) bitter herbs this is place on the Seder. Hear me, you may ask the question what is bitter herbs and its usages?. From the spectrum of what I read in the Torah my understanding kicked in and said hey the nation of Yisra’el were in slavery for 430 years and they were under brutal task masters with whips and from my studies I have learnt the different type of whips…they were made from various material – such as from leather to rope and often had lead, bits of sharp metal or hooks braided knotted into the individual lashes to add weight and it will inflect more pain on that human being most likely damage them forever. now you may asked the question as to why God wants to remind the people of they torture by allowing bitter herbs but YHWH do not think like humanity. Hes our ruler in command therefore he has to think as a ruler…this is the only way we will take a stand not to go back but stayed in line. This is the consequences to our actions if am allow to word it in this manner. I did the same here by inserting a whip image so to zarkar meaning to bring to memory what its like and my hope that you stayed away from the dark

Whip made with sharp metal and hooka

Verse nine said do not eat it raw, nor boiled at all with water , but roasted in esh (fire) , its head with its leg and is inward parts

  1. Raw – this alerting us only the pagan does such practices and in doing that they intern drinks the blood which scripture told us that life is in the flesh
  2. Boiled not in water – now we all know that bacteria travels very fast thru water anything dam will move that up so quickly and according to Torah laws it say when you have bacteria in your house the kohen that presiding over the community should observed it thoroughly and  if it came back that entire building should be burned.
  3. Roast meaning that the fire is your suction it prepared your body to move in the right diction by marking  the road, what I mean by this when something fully roasted that particulars become very thigh and dry there is no moisture left in it to incur bad bacteria. Hear me out please don’t get me wrong am quite aware that they are good and bad bacteria circulating and what the good bacteria does it fights off the bad ones okay. This is a perfect word in scripture,  Yahshua (jesus) said that in the end he will separate the goat from the sheep in Mattithyahu (Matthew) 3: 12 said His winnowing fork is in his hand, and He shall thoroughly cleanse His threshing-floor, and gather his wheat into the storehouse, but the chaff He shall burn with unquenchable fire
  4. The Head is what hold the main of the body it consists of a fleshy outer portion surrounding the bony skull, within which sits the brain. The head rests on the neck, and is provided bony support for movement by the seven cervical vertebrae. It also carry the function of the countenance called the face…here is where the father said to Mosheh he was not allow to see his “Paneh” (face) so he would put him in the cliff of the rock and hide him there until his presence pass. So my understanding on this is the face carries the physiognomy on that individual. and if YAHUWAW  had allow man to experience the true glory before its time that would have been premature  given that this had nearly happen in the situation with Adam and Ahwaw when they fall. I m saying after the eating of the tree which the father had commanded not to eat from has already been trifle with he then take the “tree of Hai” and turn it towards Qadam (east). that tree of hai is the full visage of YHWH which he can not allow man to trifle on. Saying all this explain why the head too was required to be roast on fire because it carry too much of information that can be dangerous to the human race. This is what the scientist is using the brain to destroy the world when they are in the lab.
  5. The Leg is the lower limb of the human body but it includes the foot; thigh and even the hip. The world teaches half of the day is half of a day in world system but in Hebrew it determine that half into a whole. Do you remember the account in Matthithyahu (Matthew) chapter 20:1-16 , this covers the entire story. Now the narrative opens with the reign of the shamayim and what its like unto..scripture tells you that the householder went out early in the morning to hire workers for his vineyard and when he had agreed with the workers for a silver piece per day, he send them out to work. Then he went out on the third hour; sixth hour; and even to the eleventh hour and he did like wise to them as he had done with the first batch  by sending them into his vineyard. Now the day had ending and the master of the vineyard instructed his manager to called all workers and pay them their wages starting from the last to the first. with this exercise every person stands as a witness for each others payment. So the eleventh hour batch came up and they received a silver piece while the first batch standing there and using the fleshly system calculator, as they approved receiving the same silver each they oppose it and the owner said who gives you authority to take charge of what belongs to the divine zone agree for this among before you enter so why are you using the earthly  tool. Coming back the leg section even though its the lower part because that contains other particles that is significant to divine order it had to be included.
  6. Intestines (inner parts) it absorb most of the nutrients from what we eat and drink. Just look at it in this way we eat and also drink the word. What I mean by this – the Torah clearly says what type of animals are allow to be eaten -chewing the cud and having a split hoof.
    Parsah פַּרְסָה Hoof
    Palag מְּלֵיג, Split

    My take on this when the word is read and you begin to dig to get a deeper revelation of what the word is saying this is chewing the cud because what is happening you are taking much time studying and at this level you are bringing that dissecting word into fluid a substance that has no shape nor form but easily flows through the veins to accomplish the task that was laid for one’s life

We are told to make sure none of it is left until morning if it do we are required to burn it on the blazing fire. Leftovers are not for believers taking whatever the world hand down you – we are to have the best. There is also a dress code in eating of the Pecach or Pesah. Some people believe because its about the bible you can do what you want and also most people I have spoken with said that you don’t have do all that dress code etc it is just church, you  can dress in a jeans and go and the same lord will accept you…this is the talk you are getting from none believers. Now from my knowledge i know church will be the wrong word to place here so my nest answer will be to that statement you are right because church is for those who really don’t  have any relationship with Elohim but those who do will be called the call out one’s ..with this being  said I can safely say stop the rubbish church isn’t register under the Hebraic root – what believers are called “Benai Elohim. If so want to go deeper in this subject you can check out this link that I will provide for you. Alan Horvath

When we are fully prepared then father  takes up our case by passing over our house and struck down every foundation that is laid down against his laws and regulations. The blood is the signed to prevent any person from harm so when he sees the blood on your Mezuzot (doorposts) you shall not be destroy by this deadly plague that was hanging over Mitstrayim (Egypt). When you remain in the way of rebellion it kills and destroy. The very day the nation of Yisra’el got they freedom out from the smoking pot that was the same day you observed  the Pesah because what it really mean your reproach has roll away. In other words what was your mess become your manifesto for life. So each time that you observe it what happen it calls to remembrance how far gone things were but look YHWH had make it transitionally turn around for the good.

Here it says for seven days you shall eat Matzah “unleavened bread” and first day you were required to take out  Hametz  from your house

Oat flakes, seeds and bran in spoons (Hametz)

“leaven” away from within your house – whoever decided to stray away from this law and so eat it they shall be cut straight off from the tree of hai. Hametz is Yeast and in ancient times they will just soak “mayim” מָ֫יִם water and ” qemachקָ֫מַח flour for “Sheba” or “Shibah “שֶׁ֫בַע seven days and when that is fermented it is ready for dough making of the lechem “bread “(s.v.15). Two out of seven is subtracted and they are separated for a reason – these days I see it as what Hazon “Revelation” 1:8  said I m  the Aleph and Tau. Beginning and End, says YHWH who is and who is to come, El Shaddi.

According  to verse seventeen there is a command to guard the Matstsoth because they division came out from the land of Mitsrayim and is also allure to YAHSHUA’s death because he died on Pesah, He was buried on Matstsoth “Unleaven bread”and was resurrected on Bikkurim “firstfruits”. From my studies this is what I learn about it which I quote here: The offering of the First fruits of the harvest occurs in the week of the Passover/Unleavened Bread festival and is a ceremony performed which commences the marking off of time to the Feast of Firstfruits, which is called Shavuot or Pentecost. From here we get the counting down of the omer which I will not go in details. *for reference that cover all this is taken from Shemoth (Exodus) 12:17 thru 20* . Within these days 14 to the 21 no hametz “leaven” is to found any where among their tents this was done so that it will remind them the great deliverance the father did  at Yam Suph “Red Sea”